Each quarter we offer a live call with our experts for certified practitioners who are enrolled in our Practitioner Education Program. The calls focus on different topics of discussion related to the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™. These discussions are an amazing way to continue your education even after you’ve completed one of our energy healing certification courses. Listeners can ask any questions they may have and connect with other certified practitioners from around the globe! Read on for an overview of the call this quarter, and if you’d like to join us for the next call, enroll in the Practitioner Education Program today!

Addressing Idea Allergies

This month, the topic of our Practitioner Education call was Idea Allergies and Subconscious Associations. Our team covered what these issues are, how they are created, how they affect us, and how to address these problems! 

What is an Idea Allergy?

Idea Allergies often form when the subconscious mind creates a connection with a particular idea. This connection is faulty, or negative, and can be associated with any thought, emotion, concept, event, person, place, or thing! Generally, these Idea Allergies come about when we’re under emotional or physical stress. The mind considers this idea to be associated with an issue and creates a negative response in order to try to protect you from that stress in the future. Essentially, the mind creates a link between things that are present during a conflict of some sort.

How an Idea Allergy is Created

Trapped Emotions are typically a significant part of the creation of an Idea Allergy. The more emotionally charged the conflict, the higher the tendency for associations. Our minds are programmed to watch for and learn from patterns. Sometimes, they see patterns that don’t really exist! For example, perhaps an extremely emotionally stressful situation occurs at work while you’re drinking coffee. The mind then associates drinking coffee with having bad experiences! The body reacts negatively to coffee because the subconscious mind believes that it’s protecting you from more negative experiences. 

When an Idea Allergy or Subconscious Association occurs in someone, it is likely to cause symptoms. Typical allergy symptoms for physical allergies, such as having a runny nose and sneezing, are much easier to see! However, when you have a Thought or Idea Allergy, it can be much harder to recognize the impact. Some symptoms might include sabotage behaviors, emotional overreactions, avoidance, resistance, and more. 

So how can you clear up Idea Allergies? By using the Body Code, the subconscious may be able to communicate what issue is bothering you, so that you can clear the issue. It’s important to also address any associations that may be present. Additionally, you might discover secondary or tertiary allergies that can be treated as well.

Do you have questions about this topic or other aspects of the Emotion Code and the Body Code? If you’re a certified practitioner, sign up for the Practitioner Education Program! Through this program, you can enroll in our quarterly calls and join in on these fascinating conversations with our experts.