Each quarter we offer a live call with our experts for certified practitioners who are enrolled in our Practitioner Education Program. Each call focuses on a different topic of discussion related to the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™. These calls are an amazing way to continue your education even after you’ve completed one of our energy healing certification courses while asking any questions you may have and connecting with other certified practitioners from around the globe! Read on for an overview of the call this quarter, and enroll in the Practitioner Education Program to join us next time.

Each Energetic Imbalance is Unique

This month, the topic of our Practitioner Education call was “The Uniqueness of an Imbalance.” Our experts Dr. Bradley Nelson and Josh Nelson guided a discussion about how each trapped emotion is caused and created by unique circumstances. Because each trapped emotion is unique to the person it resides within, each emotion can have its own origin, cause, and implication. That’s why it’s most effective to release a trapped emotion from one person at a time, rather than from multiple people at once.

Why Should Trapped Emotions Be Released From One Person at a Time?

  • The energetic frequency of an emotion is affected by the person carrying it. Scientifically, everything has an energetic vibration, and emotions are no exception. Each emotion has its own frequency, and that frequency is affected by a complex combination of factors. Our bodies have their own unique vibrational essence, and that frequency will affect the emotions that become trapped. The same emotion can have different frequencies in different individuals. 
  • Additionally, an emotion is affected by the way it’s experienced. An emotion can be felt and responded to in many different ways, by different people. We aren’t all the same, so the way we experience emotions is bound to be different as well. Each response is subjective and can relate to an individual’s belief system, emotional baggage, upbringing, and so much more. For example, one person might experience a scary situation and respond with fear, while someone else might be standing right beside them and feel shock instead.
  • Healing is a personal journey and is unique to each individual. The order in which trapped emotions and imbalances should be released is different for everyone, so they should be released one at a time to honor everyone’s unique needs. Additionally, it’s important to remember that as a practitioner, you don’t have to release every trapped emotion in order to have a positive impact. Each imbalance is unique and by releasing any emotion you are enabling your client to heal themselves.
  • As a practitioner, you can only truly tune in to the frequency of one person at a time. When muscle testing, you’re connecting to your client in order to release their trapped emotions. Imagine this experience like tuning into a radio. When you turn the radio on and seek out the music you want to listen to, you can only choose one channel at a time. If you tried to listen to more than one at once, you would end up with static. Focusing on one person at a time is a more effective way to truly tap into the knowledge of their subconscious through muscle testing! 

The energy of a group coming together to heal together can feel powerful, so we understand the impulse to release emotions in a group setting. While each emotion should be released one by one from an individual rather than a group as a whole, positive intentions from others may help amplify healing! The positive vibrations of a group can be helpful in this way. That does not mean everyone is receiving the healing or releasing an imbalance at once. Instead, everyone’s best intentions and positive thoughts are focused on the healing of one person! 

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