Father’s Day is coming soon, on June 19, 2022. If your dad loves to take care of himself with holistic health practices, we have a few gift ideas to help make him feel special! Whether you want to find a gift for your own father, the dad to your kids, or whomever you consider a father figure in your life, we have suggestions to help you get creative with health-boosting, wellness-focused presents this Father’s Day. 

The Best Gifts for Dads Who Love Holistic Health 

1. Yoga Class Membership

If your dad could use some help with flexibility, a membership to a yoga studio is a great gift! Your holistic, health-focused dad will love this opportunity to take care of his body and mind. Many studios offer class cards, so you can purchase a few classes for him to try out. If your dad isn’t already a yogi, look for studios that offer mellow options such as restorative, yin, and even chair yoga classes!

2. Foam Roller Set

Another great option for the healthy dad is a foam roller set! Let dad relax and soothe his own muscles with self-massage. Myofascial release roller and ball sets will offer a few different tools for releasing tight knots. 

3. Spice Set

A nice set of spices is a welcome gift if your holistic dad loves to cook healthy foods! Gift this Father’s Day present just in time for summer grilling, and you’ll likely get to enjoy the great meal dad whips up. Look for organically grown spices to keep your gift extra healthy. 

4. A Journal

Journals are perfect for the introspective father. Plus, journaling has been shown to have mental health benefits, so you’ll be supporting your dad in taking actions toward stress reduction, self-reflection, boosting creativity, and even improving his memory! 

5. All-Natural Shaving and Skincare Kit

Pamper dad with an all-natural shaving and skincare kit! You could create a gift basket filled with natural products. Perhaps include a stainless steel reusable razor that’s also good for the environment. Natural shaving products will typically include essential oils and moisturizers such as shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other similar products that are naturally produced. 

6. Gift A Wellness Treatment

Treat dad to a calming, healing, wellness experience! Purchasing a day at the spa for dad could be a great way to make him feel loved this Father’s Day. Consider booking a massage, acupuncture session, a meeting with a holistic health coach, or an energy healing appointment with an Emotion Code® or Body Code™ practitioner.

7. Magazine Subscription

If your father loves to read and learn something new, you might enroll him in a magazine subscription! There are magazines for every interest, from fishing to history, gardening, and everything in between. This way, he’ll be reminded of your love and appreciation for him each month when he receives a copy of the magazine. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! 

8. Healthy Treat Gift Basket

Everyone loves tasty treats! Gift dad a basket filled with snacks he’ll enjoy, but that are not bad for his health. Stop by your local health food store and stock up on dark chocolate, tea, popcorn, dried fruits, nuts, and anything else you know your dad enjoys. Then, arrange it nicely in a basket and surprise your dad!

9. Make Memories Together

One of the best gifts you can give your dad is spending quality time creating memories together! Planning a day together is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Perhaps you’d like to book tickets to a sporting event, plan a fishing trip together, host a BBQ in honor of him, go for a hike, or plan a whole day full of other activities you and your dad both enjoy!

10. Training and Certification

If there is something your dad loves learning about, consider investing in training or certification for him! You could foot the whole bill, or start a fund to collect donations from the rest of the family for pricier certification. Depending on your dad’s interests, you might enroll him in a class about nutrition, a yoga workshop, or an Emotion Code or Body Code™ energy healing course. Best of all, our Anniversary Sale is underway right now — so if energy healing certification is right for your dad, enroll him at discount today!


Give the gift of holistic health and wellness this Father’s Day! We hope these well-being-boosting ideas help you shower your dad in love and affection this year.