Sometimes life seems like one set of hurdles after another, but have you thought about what might actually be blocking you from the abundance you’re after? It is time to review your life, release trapped emotions, then identify and clear any associated abundance blocks for increased wealth, health, and happiness.


Identify Your Abundance Blocks


Abundance can come in many shapes and sizes, but most abundance blocks fall into just a few categories. You may be hindered by one abundance block or many, so your first task is to identify which types of abundance blocks may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Here are some common examples:


  • Lack of Self Worth: You feel as if you are not a good enough person to deserve wealth and abundance.


  • Unreasonable Doubt: You just don’t believe that anything can turn out well for you, even when the universe is presenting incredible opportunities.


  • Fear: Fear of success, fear of change, fear of responsibility — fear, in general, is one of the mightiest abundance blocks.


  • Stagnation: You are in your comfort zone and, going back to fear, are too afraid to leave it. This often results in an unwillingness to take chances.


  • Clutter (and Cluttered Values): Physical clutter can make your daily life a chaotic mess. You may have cluttered values if you deeply desire one thing, but you are striving to meet the goals that you feel someone else (or society) has imposed upon you. This can cause inner clutter that may block your abundance.


  • Trapped Emotions: A strong Heart-Wall that keeps negative emotions in and positive vibes out may hamper you from achieving any type of abundance.


How to Clear Abundance Blocks

Now it is time to release those abundance blocks. By doing so, you could open yourself up to higher vibrations that allow you to achieve your goals. Techniques you can try for clearing abundance blocks are:


  • Earthing – Become one with the ground as you meditate, and let the abundance blocks flow out of you.


  • Breathing & Meditation – In a comfortable safe place, concentrate on your breathing. Do not change it, just pay attention to it. Clear your mind completely. Take note of the first thing that pops back into it, and then remove that abundance block later. Was it a recurring issue at work? Maybe it’s time to look for something new. A feeling of discontent with your environment? Perhaps a completely new climate will help you clear abundance blocks.


  • Release Trapped Emotions – Using techniques like those explained in The Emotion Code, you can transform your life and remove abundance blocks.


Developing the self-awareness and skills to identify and then clear abundance blocks can help you on the path for a better, more fulfilling life.