“God led me to the Emotion Code® when I asked Him for a solution (that didn’t involve medication) to my son’s problem. My son, who is now 10, was dealing with a lot of anger and aggression. It was to the point I had to put him on two medications. He was seeing a psychologist and psychiatrist and I was fed up with it all. After doing a couple of sessions on my son, I noticed a big change in his behavior. He no longer woke up with an attitude. He stopped being so triggered, and he stopped wetting the bed! I was even able to wean him off of his medication after the second session. That was almost 3 years ago.

“I also learned by doing this work that my son was dealing with PTSD, which he acquired during his birthing experience. That was the biggest source of his agitation and aggravation – his body reliving that trauma. I used the Body Code™ to help identify and release the root cause of the PTSD and he no longer struggles with anger and aggression. He’s done a complete 180°!”

~Paige Jones, Michigan, USA

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