“When first learning to use The Body Code™, I’d often go to the student homes in the treatment program that I ran. I’d do The Body Code with anyone who wanted. After an evening session was almost over, a female staff member asked me if I’d work on her left arm. She shared that for many years she was unable to lift her arm due to paralysis. She had no feeling in that arm even though she had been going to a doctor and had accumulated years of doctor bills. We found and released some imbalances. Soon after her session, she reported that her arm was starting to tingle. A little later she found out she could lift her arm a little. As I was getting ready to leave, to all of our amazement, she lifted her arm all the way above her head. Her arm has been fine ever since and that was a few years ago. When she showed the doctor that she could lift her arm, and told him about the energy work, he emphatically announced, “That is impossible!”

~Robert Nielson, Utah, USA

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