“I used The Emotion Code® on a dog named Venus by proxy while she was in Arizona. She was stressed out after being boarded for a week. She was overly submissive and had just vomited up her dinner. Her owner was laying next to her when I was doing The Emotion Code in my home in California. She said at one point the dog just let out a huge sigh … as though something was just released.

I released three trapped emotions (heartache, lack of control, unworthy). She went from a low energy level of 2 before the session to a higher energy level of 5 after the session. The following day I worked on her again. Her owner said she was not as submissive as the day before and her food had been staying down all day. She just wanted to do a “tune up” on her to be sure that nothing else was affecting her.

This time I was able to release sadness (from 2-3 weeks ago), a Heart-Wall emotion of anger, a Heart-Wall emotion of inherited helplessness and the last emotion I was able to release was an inherited worry. I was able to release it from her and the two generations before here (she is neutered so there are no generations after her). After doing this second Emotion Code session with the dog, her owner was amazed at the difference! She had her loving ways about her again.”

~Anne Kamansky, USA

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