“When I was 24, I had my third child 23 months after I gave birth to my twins at 27 weeks gestation. I instantly became depressed. The screaming that constantly spewed out of my twin son’s mouth triggered me into anger, so badly that my husband bought me expensive headphones to drown him out. I was miserable and I felt hate every day toward one of the three little humans my husband and I had created. The hatred I felt for my son, and sometimes his sister, caused me to fall deeper into depression and I not only felt hate towards them, but towards myself too. If you were to look back on pictures of us, you would see a miserable two-year-old who thought his mom loathed him. To be honest, the only reason why I am here today is because my third son, my baby, kept me alive. I thought that I would be doing my family, and especially my husband and son, a service if I took my life.

“Because of the trauma I endured and the trauma that I inflicted on my little two-year-old boy by making him feel unwanted, (God forgive me, I was so so sick) before getting help after hurting myself physically, our relationship became nonexistent. Everything was about daddy to my first son. He would give me a dead-eyed stare and hug my husband. He would refuse to talk if I was in the room. He would go to daddy for everything which ended up causing resentment in my own heart. Years went by and our relationship seemed to improve, but there was always a shadow between us, like a black wall that refused to allow us to connect. We had no bond. Yes, he did start talking around me, and yes we started hugging awkwardly sometimes, but it was not the kind of relationship any mother could even dream of having with her son. How could I be so disconnected?

“Now he is 8. The other night, while he slept, I decided to work on him using the Emotion Code®. I discovered many trapped emotions in his body that were a result of my past mistakes with him. I cried as, one by one, I released each emotion. Goosebumps swarmed over me relentlessly as each one released. When I was finished, I went down to my husband, hugged him and cried some more. The next day I prepared the four kids breakfast as usual when my first son walked into the kitchen, looked at me and started to lightheartedly be silly to make me laugh, which I of course did. The day went on and he seemed happy, almost giddy. Later that day I sat on the couch and he walked up to me. Without missing a beat, he climbed onto my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me. He didn’t let go. He stayed there, and that’s when I felt it. I felt the bond that was missing for so many years. It was like I had gone back in time, holding his tiny two pound body to my chest, skin on skin for the first time in the NICU. I sat in shock, absorbing the love he had for me and reciprocating, hoping he felt the love I too had for him. That was the first time I had had a hug from him like that in over 6 years.”

~Faira W., Utah, USA

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