“I work at a Counseling Center for the severe and persistently mentally ill. One of our clients was having a very difficult time with depression, anger, and anxiety. She had a history of being physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by almost every man she had ever known. For one of the first times in her life, she was not in a relationship and was struggling with understanding her self-worth. The first time she came in to see me, she looked like a shell of a person. She would only look at the floor. She would only mumble or whisper responses to any questions that I had for her. I talked to her about the Emotion Code® and how it can help us release emotional baggage. Upon hearing the words “emotional baggage” she looked up with a glimmer of hope in her eyes. She agreed to try it.

“During our first session, we only released 3 or 4 trapped emotions, but the effects were amazing. During the session, she cried, but at the end, she stood up tall, looked me in the eye, and told me that I had changed her life. She came back a few weeks later for another session. In this session we had an amazing experience that I had not had previously or since.

“We released a trapped emotion and immediately felt an significant shift in energy. I had her take a seat and watched as her countenance just seemed to light up, growing brighter and brighter. I asked her what she was feeling and she said, ‘I feel like that trapped emotion was like a dam holding all these other trapped emotions in place. I feel like there are hundreds of trapped emotions just falling off of my body right now.’ The cascading effect of releasing these trapped emotions lasted for about 2 minutes. When it was over, she was in tears, but they were tears of joy and gratitude. Years of trauma and abuse had melted away in an instant.

“She still struggles occasionally with depression and self-confidence, but her life has changed in many positive ways. She has remarried, moved to a different state (one of her original issues was severe travel anxiety), and continues to benefit from the blessings of the Emotion Code.”

~Dan Hymas, Idaho, USA

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