“My biggest Emotion Code® success story is myself! The three trapped emotions with the most impact on my life were abandonment, longing, and effort unreceived.

Abandonment went back to when I was 8 months old! I found that to be amazing considering I was a baby and didn’t have words. It was the age when my father separated from my mother. I was able to release that trapped emotion and then show up differently in my romantic relationships.

“The trapped emotion of longing was an inherited emotion from my maternal grandmother. Since she was still alive, I shared my findings with her. We talked through it and was able to release that from both of us.

“The trapped emotion of effort unreceived was HUGE for my whole maternal side of the family. This emotion went back 25+ generations. When that emotion came up, it made me cry. I had seen this happen so many times in my life. I was the person who was always going out of my way for others, but it seemed what I provided was never appreciated or received. This has its roots in slavery when, despite the efforts of my ancestors, nothing they did was good enough or appreciated. It never stopped the separation of their families or prevented them from coming into harm’s way at the hands of their slave masters. When I spoke with my family about this released trapped emotion, we were all enlightened as to why we work so hard and do so much for others even when it’s not appreciated or acknowledged. Now that we know the root cause and have experienced its release, we are free to create new experiences.”

~Alishay P., USA

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