“When I learned of the Emotion Code®, I was in an inner crisis. Although I loved my life as a full-time mom and have always enjoyed it very much, I suddenly lacked an inner meaning. I was dissatisfied and couldn’t enjoy the little things and joys of everyday life as much as before. As a result, I lacked enthusiasm and happiness that is so urgently needed, especially in life with young children. My breathing problem increased.

When my trapped emotions were released with the Emotion Code, many things changed immediately. I felt lighter, happier, and more balanced. My husband also noticed the change. When we started working on releasing my Heart-Wall®, my breathing improved too.

“And then suddenly this insight came to me! This is what I want to do! I want to learn to use the Emotion Code myself, not only for myself and my family, but also for other people. I suddenly noticed all the people around me who have so many different problems. I thought to myself, “I can help you!” If I learn to use the Emotion Code correctly, I can help so many people! And suddenly, my enthusiasm came back! I had found something that fulfilled me, gave me a new meaning, a new goal. Since then, I have felt much happier and have more joy in my everyday life again. I am very grateful for that!

“Some time ago, my mother was sitting with me at the table. Periodically, she winced when she spoke, her face twisting in pain. She told me that she had very strong headaches. I decided to try out what I had learned from the book “The Emotion Code.” I asked her body if there were any trapped emotions related to her head hurting. I determined the trapped emotion of despair and, in the absence of a magnet, released it with my hand. She told me that suddenly her head felt clearer. A short time later I saw her doing heavy gardening work without that painful twisting of her face. She was still in slight pain that day, but the next day, she presented me with all of the decisions that she would not have made before. She canceled doing many things she otherwise had felt obliged to do and she reset her priorities. The pain went away and never came back. She later reflected that the feeling of desperation which had described her situation very well was now gone.”

~ Raquel B., Biebrich, Germany

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