“I worked with a nonverbal, 13-year-old boy who was medically diagnosed with a rare illness. He was adopted when he was two years old and has some physical discomfort from his illness, and spends most of his time in a wheelchair. He is very sweet with a loving nature, but can get crabby just like the rest of us. His mother asked if I would do an Emotion Code® session on him and I happily agreed! I found many trapped emotions that happened early on in his life that made me wonder how this boy could be so happy?! After releasing the trapped emotions, the boy’s mother texted me to say that how The Emotion Code was already working just 20 minutes later! Her son was in his room listening to music and giggling! I asked the mother if this was normal behavior. She told me, “NO,” that her son NEVER giggles by himself, only if someone else is with him! This session validated the power of The Emotion Code and the gift it truly is!”

~Jennifer C., USA

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