“I have only worked on myself using the Emotion Code® so far. I was thinking I really wanted to be as proficient as possible before helping others. Right away I was able to release abandonment for myself. I immediately felt a tension in my neck and shoulders lighten a bit. That tension has plagued me for decades. I felt I could sit up straight longer without feeling like I was working against myself to do so.

“In the next couple of days I cleared low self-esteem and self-abuse. I had just started to date a really nice person and was having doubts and asked the person not to call me. After releasing those emotions along with unworthiness I gained the courage to call that person again. They had remained in my thoughts but I was keeping my distance for reasons that really didn’t hold up logically. I ended up resuming a relationship with that person and was happy. It is still early but I truly feel releasing those emotions has allowed me to be open to love. This is the first attempt at a romantic relationship since my ex-husband and I split about three years ago.

“I have also been building confidence in taking a leap into this new path of healing and becoming a healer rather than doing the number crunching work I have done for about 20 years now. Clearing low self-esteem, self-abuse, unworthiness is opening me up to this new calling.”

~Victoria D., California, USA

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