“For several months I searched for a specialized EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) counselor to help me process some childhood trauma. The day after my first EMDR session, I started to have near constant radiating pain from my piriformis muscle. Over the next few weeks the pain increased even though I was receiving treatment from several different health professionals. I was finally prescribed medications to help me sleep at night.

“After two more weeks of pain and many prayers, I remembered my sister had recently certified in a new energy healing modality called the Emotion Code®. She recommended that I contact a more experienced Body Code™ practitioner. The day after my first session, the pain was gone for a day. After two more sessions, the pain was gone for good and has not returned!

“Inspired by this healing journey, I am now in the process of becoming a certified Emotion Code practitioner and plan to also complete certification in the Body Code.

“I have successfully used both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (talk therapy) and EMDR for many years. Both are great tools, but the Emotion Code is the most efficient and powerful tool I have found to remove trapped emotions, balance the body, and optimize healing! With joyful gratitude to Dr. Brad!”

~Raymond Dimas, California, USA

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