“I had an incredibly hard childhood. I am a burn victim and struggled with addiction for a good part of my life. I overcame a lot of trauma and have continued working on it the past six years. I was blessed to have the best treatment and therapy, but nothing compares to the Emotion Code®.

“I was on vacation with my family and one day, my sister Sarah and I were having drinks on the beautiful ocean with our feet in the sand and I looked over at her. She was glowing. Sarah is from New York City and she’s normally a little rough, but I noticed she was on a completely different vibe.

“I asked, ‘Sarah, what are you doing? Your heart is glowing, your spirit is full of magic, and your energy is amazing. Are you in love? What’s going on?

“She told me the secret – Dr. Bradley’s book, The Emotion Code, and gave me the name of her practitioner.

“When I got home, I made an appointment. This woman did not live in my time zone and I stayed up until midnight to talk to her. The night of the call I imagined it would be like a psychic from TV and I was not taking it seriously, but I sat back as she asked her first question. She immediately found the trapped emotion of the worst time in my life. For years I had tried to figure out what happened. I’d paid, spoken to, and analyzed with professionals and still always felt off.

“In that thirty minute call I got a timeline of certain hurt and trauma in my life. Since then, I’ve processed my feelings at a mature level with compassion. I found that certain emotions did not belong to me anymore. I understood inherited emotions. I forgave myself, and so much more.

“I have been working with her weekly since that call. She has done profound work on my soul and has influenced me to become a practitioner too. I know in my heart, mind, body, and soul that I want to do this work! If I could have an impact on anyone’s life with Dr. Bradley’s technique, count me in. I want to use this for the good of others, to help the sick and the hurt. I live my life in love and I am ready to learn the gifts and technique of the Emotion Code.

“Thank you so much Dr. Bradley for this opportunity.”

~Angelina Padron, California, USA

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