“My friend suddenly got back pain late in the evening. We went to bed and a few hours later he woke up with a scream because he couldn’t stand it anymore. I was pretty sure he had a herniated disc and thought he would have to go to the hospital the next day. I had started relatively recently with the Emotion Code® and went to work that night to release the trapped emotions that were underlying causes of this pain. Before that he had taken a pill for the pain and so we didn’t know whether releasing the trapped emotions had any effect. The next morning I went to work and when I got home my friend was almost symptom-free again. I released a few more emotions and then the pain was gone. This experience was so impressive. From then on I had more and more great successes. Very often I am so overwhelmed and grateful for what I achieve in helping people that I can hardly believe it.

~Susanne Gremminger, Orsingen-Nenzingen, Germany

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