“I recently released an inherited trapped emotion of hopelessness from my grandma. Just like Dr. Brad’s story of hopelessness, although maybe not as profound, I never realized it was there. It was just background noise. I thought it was normal! Usually I tend to get overwhelmed with this feeling of hopelessness if I have a bad day at work, or even if I have the tiniest argument with my boyfriend. Arguments with my boyfriend were always difficult for me, even though they have been far and few inbetween. I would just make mountains out of mole hills, thinking things like, “He’ll never treat me the way I should be treated,” or “No one will truly understand me,” followed by at least one restless night of sleep. Well with my most recent little argument with him, when I started to get upset over something small, I thought, “Hey this might be a trapped emotion.” So using the Emotion Code® I cleared it, and guess what? I felt fine. And I was able to sleep. It just felt totally different. I thought to myself, “Yes I might have had my feelings hurt a tiny bit, but I’m okay. It’s not the end of the world.” I seem to be able to handle arguments, family problems, and even work stress a lot better now. What a relief. And to think, it was my own emotion.”

~Claire M., Georgia, USA

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