“Eleven years ago I found myself in a heap on the floor, unable to move because of excruciating pain in my lower back. I was 52 years old. As I lay there, all I could think was “I can’t have surgery! I can’t have surgery!”

“Forty years earlier, I found my mother in a heap on the floor in excruciating pain. We were all helpless to help her. My father called for an ambulance and they took my mother to a local hospital. Our lives were never the same.

“My mother was 52 years old. She had a bulged (or ruptured) disk in her lower back. They performed surgery, and during the surgery a major nerve cord was severed. She never regained feeling from the waist down after that. She spent two months in painful traction at home, with family and neighbors tending to her meals and other needs. I praise my mother for her tenacity, patience and perseverance. Dad bought her a stationary bike which she pedaled two miles twice a day — on the highest tension. She regained strength in her legs and learned to walk again without ever feeling the ground beneath her feet.

“My story has a happier ending. A chiropractor determined I had a bulged disk. I chose not to have surgery, but to have chiropractic adjustments. It took several weeks of daily adjustments to realign my spine. I couldn’t walk at all for two days, then it was only a few steps a day for the next few weeks. I couldn’t sit for two months. And I had severe sciatic pain down both legs clear to my ankles for nine months. I was told the disk would likely bulge every six months. I lucked out having nine months of relief between episodes (though subsequent ones were never as bad as the first).

“Six years ago my husband and I drove to another state where we stayed at a beautiful resort in the mountains. My back seemed to endure the long drive and I envisioned us hiking and swimming and doing other outdoor activities. Instead, and to my great disappointment and horror, as I unloaded the food from our cooler into the fridge in our condo, my back went out — BIG TIME! There were no chiropractors in this tiny town. All I could do was lay on the couch and watch TV. On day three, I came across a webinar by Dr. Bradley Nelson on The Emotion Code®. I was already familiar with energy work, so I listened with curiosity. Viewers were calling in describing their aches and pains, and he was demonstrating The Emotion Code. By identifying and releasing certain Trapped Emotions, these people were getting instant relief, or at least a reduction in their pain. I was particularly impressed by Dr. Nelson’s statement: “You are only limited by what you believe.” I asked myself, “What do I believe? Do I believe I can correct this misalignment and alleviate my own pain?” Being left to my own resources out in this remote area, I knew I had to try.

“I ever so carefully put on my swimsuit and inched my way to the indoor pool. It was off-season, so thankfully I was alone there. I got myself into the hot tub and positioned my back in front of a water jet, and allowed myself to relax into the warmth and bubbles. I said a prayer for heavenly help. Then I asked if there were any emotions lurking inside me that might be contributing to my situation. A flood of emotions spilled out of my eyes and into the water. Intuitively I knew what they were. They were my teenage issues between me and my mother. I thought they had been resolved before she passed away. But I was blessed to connect with her in that moment in time, and to understand her feelings and sorrow and sadness, and to release emotions still trapped in my body. It was interesting that we were the same age when the same spinal weakness manifested in us. It could have been a genetic weakness. It could also have been a sharing of the same emotions that finally triggered the same injury. The location of the misalignment/injury is symbolic both physically and energetically. I will keep those treasures of wisdom and enlightenment in my heart.

“My pain subsided and my mobility increased over the next two days. We were able to do those hikes. And on our drive home — no pain! We stopped at three National Parks and I was truly amazed at how my spine felt completely aligned and healed. I was climbing over rocks, running through sand pits, hiking miles of trails. I told my husband, “I feel like a child again. I have so much energy and no pain!” For me, after all I had endured and given up because of a weakened spine, this was truly a miracle! After that, I didn’t have those “episodes” every nine months. I didn’t have them ever! I did make sure I kept in shape with regular chiropractic maintenance.

“Now, six years later, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, COVID-19, and unfortunately, my back gave out. Everything shut down, including Healthcare Clinics and Chiropractors. Once again I was left to my own resources. Not to worry! I am now a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and a Certified Body Code Practitioner! Breathing through my pain, I said a prayer. Then I used both methods to release any negative energy and to give my body and spine permission to realign to their proper position and to connect to their divine design. By the next morning, my hips were aligned (they had been off by 3″). I was able to stand straight and tall and move freely. And I was pain free! It is now six months later, and I am still walking, running, exercising, hiking . . . All because I chose to believe.”

~Lori Henderson, Utah, USA

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