A friend of mine in her 50’s came to visit me. She was wearing a brace from her foot to her knee. I asked her what happened and she said nothing, she just began having a lot of pain in her ankle and her doctors couldn’t find anything, but told her to wear the brace, it might help with the pain. I mentioned the Emotion Code and she was very skeptical, she works in the medical field. I told her it can’t hurt to try it, so she agreed. When we were done she got up and walked around and said there was no pain in her ankle, she took the brace off and has not worn it since. Needless to say, she is a believer! – Connie W.

Another friend of mine referred an acquaintance of hers to me for shoulder pain. She had the pain for about 6 months. When I told her about the Emotion Code she didn’t want to do it and thought I was strange. So I told her, ‘you can live with this pain or we can work on it, it’s up to you’.  So she reluctantly agreed. We found emotions that had become trapped from an incident in her life six months prior. When we were done, she moved her shoulder around and looked at me very strangely and said, ‘I’m freaking out,  the pain is totally gone!’. I never heard from her again, I think she really was freaked out. – Connie W.

When I first got in contact with Chaya, almost three months ago, I was lying in bed, because walking was a difficult task to accomplish and I felt scared to be feeling like this. I learned about the Emotion Code and trapped emotions and learned a lot about how our emotions can cause our body to break down.
I gave it a try and got in contact with Chaya, to whom I developed the most amazing relationship as a patient-practitioner. I learned that we are all connected, there is a ONE unity that connects us all, and I understood that not even being together in the same room was not an obstacle to get clear of many trap emotions and work on my Heart-Wall. But she didn’t stop there, she always went the extra mile. She was always interested in my progress and looking for alternative, natural and balancing remedies to work in all the problems my body was experiencing as a result of many years and so many emotions blocking the flow of energy.

I’ll always be grateful and highly recommend Chayas’s work. She taught me so many things about myself and encouraged me to look inside my path and my purpose in life and my relation and connection with God.

After weekly-hour sessions with Chaya, my confidence improved, with Chaya’s guidance I changed nutritional habits and got help in homeopathic remedies that resulted in making me wake up every day with great energy. I feel stronger than ever. Now that many emotions are cleared, I feel lighter, happier, and healthier. With no specific intention my vision also changed, I look at the world differently and with a smile in my face. Things are unfolding amazingly. Not only in my health, but in my whole experience including my career. I feel terrific!

Life is a journey and I know living is what it is all about. It is always a blessing to find Angels on Earth like Chaya that are willing to help us look inside and clear emotions that we have trapped in ourselves.

If you are experiencing problems, and if you don’t feel good, don’t wait until you are in a breakdown, ask and you shall receive. I asked for guidance, and Chaya came into my path. I’ll always thank God for this. – Felipe S.