Hello Emotion Code Friends,
I wanted to share a really epiphinal moment for myself with you. I recently did a physical detox through fasting, in fact, water fasting. During the fast I felt fantastic, for the most part. However after the fast I just did not feel well. Having done this before, many times over the course of my life, (before the CODE) I would normally have attributed it to toxins still hanging around and just needed to re-build my body with vitamins and minerals after the water fast.

Now with the power of the Emotion/Body Code as a testing resource I learned something simple but profound. When testing to see what is really going on I learned that during the fast as the tissues release and regenerate, ‘trapped emotions’ are also surfacing from these tissue, organs, glands. These trapped emotions were flooding my body, soul, spirit and only these were in fact making me feel unwell after the fast! Amazingly

I began to do the release work over the course of the next few days and low and behold after a few days I felt fantastic. On the same note. My son was seeing an ‘osteopath’ and specifically working on old injuries from sports trauma and concussions. After his second session where the work was specifically done on his neck region he had some pretty strong after effects. Within an hour of his session he was feeling so unwell; trembling, dizzy, ‘just not well’. I immediately tested and discovered ‘voila’ there are trapped emotions that are suddenly causing this, brought on by the work on his body/tissues.

Again another amazing moment to realize how even during this type of ‘release’ and tissue manipulation emotions that are stored are surfacing. After performing a release session on him he felt perfectly normal within minutes! Both these experiences were very profound to me and a real confirmation of the power of this ‘blessed’ work that we do. – Brigitte Emery

So far, I have felt “lighter”. After the first session I was shocked to find that I could look in the mirror and feel acceptance of myself, rather than negativity, which has always been my response. I have tried for many, many years to change my perception of myself, but have been unable to do so without your help. Very cool!! I also can breathe deeply “better” without “catching” on the inhalation and exhalation. Again, something I could not do on my own, but was improved with your help. I look forward to the third session. – Debbie B.

I have done many years of transformational work and first heard of your work on the Shifra conference in August this year. I am an RN by profession and a closet energy healer. I had to experience your process for myself. I have ordered the Emotion Code package – have not received it yet but after the webinar, I began to work with my Heart-Wall.

It is made of re-bar, bricks and mortar and is 3 feet thick. What I discovered with the testing: that there are inherited emotions including Anger, Hatred (3 generations), Betrayal (7 generations), Stubborness (4 generations), Abandonment (10 generations), Vulnerability, Humiliation ( 3generations), and Lost (4 generations) – the last one is related to frequent back injuries and weakness there. Since beginning the ‘heart’ work earlier this year – I have been doing specific meditations and visualizations and this work fits right in with that. I am noticing clearer mind, easier meditations, more direct speech and much less hesitation (doubt) in both actions and speech. After the first session – Anger – I slept through the night and enjoyed the longest meditation ever. I worked slowly this past week to release these trapped emotions so the outcome is ongoing. It is such a relief to find that these emotions are not just my own and that I have been able to help my children and my grandchildren. Thank you. – Norah B.