Dear Dr. Nelson,

I wrote you earlier this week and want to share my most recent experience with the Emotion Code. I am totally amazed with my results this week!! I finished reading the book about 3 weeks ago and released a couple trapped emotions for myself and my dogs. This week I listened to your webinar regarding Emotional Baggage and learned that I can target known areas of the body that are not well. I’ve got multiple things going on physically, but also have 2 chronic problems. Eighteen years ago I herniated a disk in my low back and have had chronic low back pain and it gets worse when my stress level is high. Also about 7 years ago I developed frozen shoulder in the left side. After listening to the webinar I targeted those 2 areas. My pain level in the spine was a 5, especially upon getting out of bed in the morning. After doing the “Code” on the spine I could feel a difference. I then targeted the left shoulder because since experiencing the frozen shoulder, I don’t have full ROM and I have not been able to sleep on the left side because the arm goes quickly to sleep.

Wednesday morning I awoke and my back was pain free for the first time in 18 years!! I did notice that a muscle to the left of the spine was painful and it felt knotted. So I worked with the muscle as well in 2 sessions. Today is day 4 and my back is still pain free and I am elated!! Wednesday I found myself several times during the day saying “I AM amazed”. I also am now able to sleep on my left side for the first time in years. I am so grateful for the gift that you have brought to the world that empowers the individual to heal themselves, quickly and easily. I also use EFT to clear issues but the Emotion Code has dramatically fast results.

My intention is to learn more about the Emotion Code and the Body Code so that I can heal myself and my animals. This is a very powerful healing tool. I expect that the many other health issues that I am currently experiencing will also heal quickly. This will be determined by blood and saliva tests.

Thank you so much for sharing this powerful healing tool and I thank Spirit and my guides for leading me to the Emotion Code.

many blessings,
Cathy Mayton