I have had a great experience with a puppy Max. The vet told his owner that he had maybe a week or two to live, that he had liver and other organ problems. I tested to see if releasing emotions would help and I got a strong positive response. For being such a little dog, he sure had a lot of emotions. Within a day or so of our 1st session he showed remarkable improvement! Within three or four sessions he was completely freed of any trapped emotions. It has now been over 2 months and little max is doing great! He is gaining weight and is spunky again! – Emily Welling Lemon

Jake the dog has always been afraid of loud noises. He lives in the country where people will randomly shoot off fireworks or their shotguns, so shaking and fear were a daily part of Jake’s life. His friend, Hudu the cat was always by his side. Recently, fracking began in Jake’s neck of the woods, with daily dynamite blasting. This caused Jake’s problem to escalate into full blown seizures that the vet could not help with. Even Hudu reacted badly by not allowing people to pet him. Instead, he would lie down next to Jake during a seizure and lick his face. Jake’s owners were frantic for help but didn’t know what to do. When I offered an Emotion Code session as part of my certification process, they jumped at the chance. Jake revealed “Fear” as the one emotion that came up during his session. We cleared it and didn’t find any additional emotions for Jake at that time. Since there was more time left during the session, I offered to also work on Hudu but did not find a single emotion trapped for the cat. I didn’t really know what to make of all this so I asked the owner to stay in touch and let me know if any changes happened. One day later I got an email from Jake’s owner stating that Jake did not shake and cry during the thunderstorm they had the night before. No more seizures either! And Hudu the cat is now happily back in people’s laps, enjoying the petting once again. – Sharon Butler

My husband hurt his knee many years ago and recently injured it again this past weekend. He was limping around in so much pain even Lortab only helped for about an hour. He was lying on the bed and the pain was so intense that he asked me to do the EC to see if he had trapped emotions contributing to this pain. He rated the pain 8.5/10. We cleared 3 trapped emotions from his knee. He stood up, walked without a limp and rated it a 1/10. He was so giddy he did a little dance of joy and immediately gave thanks to God. I was sobbing and felt so grateful that we have this information to help our bodies heal in a natural way. Thank you!!! – Kayleen Feil

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