I have a client and friend who has been a hoarder for 20 years and hadn’t been able to clean out her apartment for that long. She raised a child in this atmosphere and desired to do it but never could by herself. She also wouldn’t let anyone in to help. I used her as a practice person for my Emotion Code Cert. Her Heart-Wall was made out of granite and I believe the “hoard” around her was an extension of that wall physically. After removing her Heart-Wall she said she felt like she could finally do it! Well, She did! She bought a small residence and cleaned out her apartment and moved out. She moved into her new home recently! She is very grateful and so am I as her friend! Amazing! – Darlene Nishizaki

After birthing my second child, I started to deal with serious depression. My life felt like it was out of my hands, and I had no hope that it would get better. Lisa Magnusson, CECP, worked closely with me and would always say “Lets get your life back!” And that’s exactly what she helped me do. Lisa helped me identify emotions that were holding me back from experiencing life’s greatest joys. Through working on my Heart-Wall, I began to feel and express powerful positive emotions that I don’t believe I’ve ever felt or expressed before. Thank you, Lisa! – Anna