“My son’s psychiatrist suggested that he be put on an antidepressant due to signs of Depression. My son said that he did feel depressed and had some troubling thoughts and feelings as well. I discussed with the psychiatrist what was actually supposed to change by taking the medication and he explained that by changing to a happier behavior, the collective happy experiences would create positive messages to overshadow the negative ones in the subconscious.

“Of course, my first thought was why not just take out the negatives and put in positives with T3 Therapy [Belief Code™]? I talked it over with my son and asked him if he would like me to work on him using T3 Therapy [Belief Code] that I am getting my certification in. He agreed and I went to work finding three systems that had the messaging that he had been acting and putting into words. I asked him a week later on a scale of 0 to 10 how he rated his Depression and he said 0. He has gone back to seeing his old friends and being optimistic about his future in a week’s time. Truly amazing!”

~Peg Sutherland, USA

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