Sometimes when you have a misalignment in your neck, it can become more difficult to get clear answers when muscle testing. Here’s quick trick to help stretch out your Cervical and Thoracic Vertebrae. Remember to hold the intention to release any tension or negative energy as you do this practice. And have gratitude that doing this will help to realign the bones. I do this several times a day—it feels great and you will probably hear a few bones crack as you do it! Be gentle…

  • Roll your neck from side to side several times to loosen your joints.
  • Bend over and let your upper body and head hang heavy. You can bend your knees if you like.
  • Cradle your nape of your neck/head in your hands and let gravity pull your head towards the floor.
  • Gently pull your head down and lengthen your spine as much as you can.
  • Remember to take deep breaths, and don’t pull too hard.

After trying this tip, you might want to drink a big glass of water and relax, then come back and see if you are testable. If not, you may have some deeper underlying imbalances getting in the way. You might want to seek help from a Certified Practitioner or one of our Staff Practitioners. These kinds of imbalances can usually be cleared up in a session or two, and then you will be free to test, test, test away!

~ Kristi Nelson, CECP, CBCP

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