The concept that animals experience emotions similar to humans is not news to anyone who has ever owned a beloved pet. There’s long been ample evidence animals are emotional beings, dating back to Charles Darwin’s 1872 book “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.”

Animals of all shapes and sizes, domesticated and wild, have feelings that we can easily recognize, just as Darwin documented almost 150 years ago. Anyone who has ever loved an animal knows that they establish emotional bonds with each other and with people.

Since animals have feelings, it makes sense that they also experience trapped emotions, and can benefit from energy healing modalities such as The Body Code and The Emotion Code. Many people are eager to learn how they can help their pets and other animals they encounter, such as injured wildlife undergoing physical rehab, to recover from emotional trauma.

Remember the 1998 Robert Redford film The Horse Whisperer? It’s about a girl and her horse who are both injured in a riding accident. The girl’s mother takes them to a legendary “horse whisperer” played by Redford who heals the horse after uncovering the cause of its trauma.

Readers of Dr. Brad’s book, “The Emotion Code,” know that he is something of a horse whisperer himself. Born and raised in Montana, he had two horses while he was growing up. In the book he recounts how his wife Jean urged him to use The Emotion Code to heal a horse named Ranger that was suffering from kidney problems.

“While I loved my horses and took good care of them, like most people, I never imagined that they might suffer from trapped emotions,” he recounts. “Jean looked at me calmly and repeated, ’Just test and see.’ Jean is very intuitive, and she was probably sensing the truth about what was going on with Ranger.”

If you’ve read the book, you know the rest of the story. Dr. Brad diagnosed the horse had the trapped emotion “conflict” from competing with a new horse that had been brought into his life. With Jean touching Ranger and acting as a surrogate, Dr. Brad was able to identify and release the trapped emotion, resulting in the horse recovering.

In another case, Dr. Brad documented how a small dog that was previously fearless and loved to explore became stricken with fear, trembling all the time, after he was attacked by a coyote. This shows clearly that animals struggle with trapped emotions.

“The fact that pets experience emotions means that they also can experience problems caused by unresolved negative emotions,” writes Maureen Kidd, a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner in Massachusetts. “While science may debate the ability of animals to remember past experiences, there is no doubt that pets have an emotional memory that can affect their health and behavior.”

Since the publication of “The Emotion Code” and the creation of The Body Code, many practitioners have successfully used these methods to help both pets and wild animals heal from emotional trauma, often in a single session. In our October 27 webinar we will explore topics including:

  • The biggest causes of health problems for animals
  • How to effectively work on both pets and wild animals
  • What it really means to be an animal whisperer
  • How to find out what’s wrong with your pet and save on vet bills

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