‘Curses, Explaining Them And How To Support Clients After Releasing Them’ – article by Hazel Markou – CECP /CBCP

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Since qualifying as a Certified Body Code Practitioner I have worked with a few clients who, having initially experienced dramatic improvements in their issues, subsequently found their symptoms returning. Until a couple of weeks ago this would prompt me to look for attached entities and if found, releasing them generally made a difference, but they weren’t always present so I still had this ‘sticking’ group. The clients in this small group were willing to have “maintenance” sessions on a regular basis to alleviate their symptoms, however, I felt I must be missing something. Then I purchased the upgrade of The Body Code 2.0 and the first session with one of these ‘sticking’ clients produced a revelation. The Body Code took us to Curses! The mindmap guided me through the process of releasing the client from the curse which had an intention of ‘stopping healing’ and the shift in energy and subsequent improvements have been dramatic.

Sessions with other clients in this ‘sticking’ group have highlighted curses intended to adversely affect health, affect clients’ ability to have children, prevent success, and cause continuous pain. Some of these curses have been placed by relatives or people known to the client. However, I have also found a curse intended to prevent success from a person unknown to the client. Then one of the clients who always felt as though they were ‘missing something’ had a curse placed by an entity which was intended to interfere with their relationship with God. Having released this client from the curse their ‘missing something’ feeling has completely gone.
You will sense that I am finding a lot of curses but then I am also finding many toxins, misalignments and imbalances in areas not necessarily specifically covered or given equal prominence in v1. Therefore I feel comfortable that their appearance in a session is accurate and relevant.

Initially I have to admit to being slightly uncomfortable, almost apologetic when finding one or more curses. Two things sorted this out for me – firstly I checked myself for imbalances that were the underlying cause of this feeling and secondly, the first two clients I found had curses then told me that someone previously had told them that they were cursed. This left each of these clients with the knowledge they had a curse but without a remedy for the situation; thankfully, along comes The Body Code 2.0 and finally they have been released. One or two clients have however, not felt comfortable with the thought that they have a curse. Having prayed for guidance on how to handle this I take the following approach which actually isn’t really any different than dealing with memories of emotions that show up for clearing;

  • explain that it will have shown up in The Body Code because there is a curse and that we will establish the things we can find out about it (Origin, Reason and Physical Location) and the age the client was when the curse was made.
  • then we discuss how this ties in with conscious memories of events.
  • check with the client what name for the Creator they are comfortable with being invoked for the release and then after a few moments of silent prayer to focus intention I perform the release.

The final aspect that I find needs a specific form of support is concerned with the thoughts that each client has expressed after the curse has been cleared which have had a tendency to range from “Why me? What had I done to deserve that?” through to a range of emotions stemming from thoughts about how different life would have been without the curse. Two things have come from this. Firstly we talk about how a curse can be made. Intuition (confirmed in the past week by a discussion with a Shamanic Healer who has had specific instruction about curses) told me that it can be far easier than we might think to place a curse. Imagine feeling very wronged by someone, or angry with them and the thoughts that (to our shame) might then arise in the heat of the moment. If these thoughts are coupled with a strong intention (albeit momentary) to cause harm, prevent the object of our anger from successfully achieving something or experiencing something positive, then this is effectively a curse. In an ideal world this would never happen and we would be aware of the harm we could inflict. However, in this modern age where currently there is often no credence given to negative energy transference how are the uninformed meant to know? The words “be careful what you wish for” suddenly take on a new significance! Thankfully, each client I have had this discussion with has been able to relate to this explanation and it has eased their immediate angst.

We have had discussions about there being nothing to be gained from dwelling on the past with the important thing being to move forward in the knowledge that the curse(s) has been released and as clients’ subsequent sessions take place I am going to specifically look for imbalances that need clearing as a result of the knowledge/releasing of the curse.

What I am sure about is that however painful the knowledge of having had a curse may be, only good can come from being released from it and for this, once again, I thank Dr. Brad and the team for including the ability to release curses in The Body Code System 2.0.

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