Have you ever found yourself in an argument with a loved one and brought up something hurtful from the past that had nothing to do with what you were arguing about at that moment? That’s a common situation we’ve all experienced and a sign that you’re holding onto a grudge. Yet unless you’re trained in the Emotion Code and the Body Code you may not realize the role that trapped emotions and other imbalances play in derailing healthy relationships. One powerful way to deepen your relationships is with energy healing.

Trapped emotions can cause you to make the wrong assumptions, overreact to innocent remarks, misinterpret behavior, and short-circuit your relationships. A Heart-Wall® can lead to long-term estrangement in marriage as one partner may be unable to forgive their spouse, or fully feel love due to past hurts. Sometimes those trapped emotions, Heart-Walls, and other imbalances go back to childhood, creating emotional baggage we carry with us that can hinder our relationships ­for years or decades – often without us being aware of it at all.

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Ways to Strengthen and Nurture Your Relationships with Energy Healing

Sometimes we can feel disconnected from our loved ones even when we are spending quality time with them. It could be that trapped emotions are holding you back from your fullest potential. When negative energies get trapped in our bodies, they can stop us from giving and receiving love freely. In fact, we have found that these emotions can become trapped around the heart, forming an energetic wall we refer to as a Heart-Wall. Heart-Wall trapped emotions are often responsible when someone feels as though they can’t connect deeply in their close relationships. 

Tools such as the Emotion Code and the Body Code can help balance energetic imbalances, free trapped emotions, and release Heart-Walls, bringing the body into a state where it is able to heal itself physically and emotionally. This can help you feel more connected to your friends and family even if you aren’t able to see them in person, and bring you closer even when you’re far apart!

As a complete holistic system designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit, the Body Code can assist you in discovering and removing these imbalances. This can pave the way for you to create healthy relationships that last. While learning to use the Body Code, you’ll discover how to:

  • Use the Body Code mind mapping system to find and release emotional and energetic blocks stored in the body
  • Tap into the subconscious mind to discover and remove emotional pain that keeps you from having the healthy relationships that your heart desires
  • Utilize the Body Code to discover other imbalances that are harming your ability to have fulfilling relationships
  • Help the people in your life who are struggling with troubled relationships

Among the six categories of imbalance that cause illness, energy field imbalances and trapped emotions have profound effects on your ability to sustain healthy relationships. They can prevent you from trusting, letting go, and fully loving another person because part of you is preoccupied with your own pain. Removing these imbalances is the key to healing, both for yourself and your relationships. Here’s a testimony from one of our practitioners. Sarita C. in Forney, Texas wrote:

“My husband and I didn’t even like each other anymore. We were on the verge of ending our marriage. And while buying your program was not with the intention to save our marriage as I had no idea it could, we both went through the program. My husband had been working out of town and suddenly we were missing each other and communicating more and with much more affection and consideration toward each other. My marriage is better than ever & emotionally I feel liberated.”

Liberated. Freedom is what the Body Code is all about; Freedom from pain, freedom from the past, freedom to love anew or to restore and renew a love that’s grown cold. This freedom can make us better parents, better spouses, coworkers, and friends, too.

Getting rid of your trapped emotions can help you to overcome the obstacles of your past and can bring new life to your marriage, family, and other relationships. Freeing yourself from your trapped emotions and other imbalances can make you feel more secure and motivated, and liberate you to create the relationships, career, and life that you always wanted. Join us to explore how you can create healthier, happier relationships, for yourself and others.

6 Ways to Deepen Your Relationships Remotely

During the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has sometimes meant not seeing friends and family as much as we would like. For many people, it may still be a while before they’re able to connect in the same way they did before social distancing and travel restrictions! Visiting with friends and family may be a challenge over a long distance, but there are many ways to connect deeply with the people we care about, even if we can’t see them in person. Try out these suggestions anytime you’re feeling disconnected from those you love!

1. Use technology to ‘see’ your friends and family

For many people, travel hasn’t been as accessible during the past few years. If you have friends and family that don’t live nearby, you may not have seen them as often as you’d like! While nothing beats face-to-face gatherings, using technology to connect can help you continue to feel close to the people in your life. Try using video calls with software such as Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, and others!

2. Have a virtual film night

Another fun way to hang out while in different places is by sharing an experience such as watching the same movie or television show. Virtual watch parties make it possible to watch a movie at the same time, syncing up everyone’s start time. You can also chat while you watch on some platforms, or talk about the film after it’s over.

3. Host a virtual game night

Game night is another great way to have fun from afar! Plan a video call where you ask trivia questions to compete with friends or coworkers to see who can answer more of them correctly. Or try out a digital game platform such as Houseparty where you can play a number of different games together!

4. Write letters

Letters can be a powerful way to connect with people at any time! Sometimes it’s easier to fully express yourself with a written note. You might send a postcard from your hometown, decorate a page with arts and crafts, or simply share what’s happening in your life.

5. Share recipes and cook together

Ask a few of your inner circle to send their favorite recipes, then choose a night to cook them! Sharing a meal even while far from one another can be a wonderful way to connect. You might chat on the phone as you cook, or share photos of your final culinary creations for a deeply connected evening.

6. Send thoughtful gifts

Sending a care package is a wonderful way to let someone know you care! A few creative ideas? Apps such as Doordash and Ubereats are meal delivery services that allow you to send dinner or a sweet treat to a loved one, even if they live in a different town. Perhaps you might pack up a box full of your homemade cookies, send a craft kit to a friend with kids (or a creative spirit!), or do anything else you know your friend would love!

Reach Out and Reconnect: A Story of Deepening a Distant Relationship from one of our Practitioners

“One of my favorite dates with my husband happened while we were 3000 miles apart. We were dating long-distance, and he mailed me a “date night in a box” – a DVD with two cookies from a bakery I had always wanted to try.

“The cookies had gone stale, and I’ve forgotten the name of the movie, but that gesture has always touched me – of reaching out over thousands of miles to show someone you care.

“Since then, a lot has happened – marriage, parenthood, unemployment, and illness. After a difficult day, it can sometimes feel like we’re more than 3000 miles apart. When that happens, we reach out all over again. He’ll share a song he heard on the radio. I’ll ask him about his day.

“When the flowers have wilted and the chocolates are gone, it’s easy to be discouraged by the hardships and mundanity of life. But never stop reaching out to your loved ones. Whether the distance is physical or emotional, a simple gesture of love can always help you reconnect.”

Margo M.