What does being in neutral gear have to do with The Emotion Code? Well, first it is important to understand what being in neutral gear means.

In a car, there is always an option of putting the car in neutral, in both manual and automatic cars. When in neutral it is as if the car is open to any possibility, it can then be moved from there to all the other options available. If the car is in park mode, it can only be parked, or if in drive mode, then only be driven and not parked. The point here being that when in neutral, the options are open for the car to be parked, to be driven and so on.

Now using this analogy we can then understand how being in neutral gear fits with releasing trapped emotions and using The Emotion Code. When working on others, or yourself, and here’s the punch line – if we stay in neutral gear it allows us to be open to whatever needs to be cleared to show up. If not in neutral it gets in the way of what else can show up, just like when the car is in a certain gear and not in neutral.

Let’s talk about Quantum Physics to help understand this further. In Quantum Physics, the theory is that if in neutral, meaning we have no point of view on anything, then there are options of many millions of possibilities. As Dr. Amit Goswami said in the movie What the Bleep do We Know, “When we are not looking, there are waves of possibilities, when you are looking there are particles of experience.” By then being neutral, that means that we are “not looking” and we have infinite waves of possibilities that can show up. But when we aren’t neutral then we are “looking”, and it becomes our experience.

I love this clip, from the same movie, where the young boy shows a woman how there are so many possibilities on a basketball court and relates it to everyday life. It is a fun way to explain what being neutral is all about.

How do we become neutral? If before working on clients or others, we can look to see how attached we are to the outcome, and clear any trapped emotions in us that are getting in the way of being neutral. Asking the question “What is getting in the way of me being neutral to doing this work?”, and then going ahead and releasing the emotions that come up.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of The Emotion Code, always talks about asking for help prior to working on anyone, and this too is another way of coming into a neutral space.

Here is a great example of an energy practitioner coming to a neutral space before doing some work:
 “As an energy practitioner, I have long believed that the real work happens in between sessions, when we work on clearing ourselves of our own trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, fixed points of view and insistence on any particular outcome. Being neutral and stepping out of the way allows the highest to flow through with ease. However, sudden emergencies or personal attachments can make our personal interests come in the way of our work. Being alert to this proved valuable to me in recent times. A close relative was experiencing vertigo, severe nausea, sweats and BP of 225/135 late last night. His age is 83. Under the circumstances, his doctor prescribed an extra dose of hypertension medication and told us to move him to the hospital if there was no change in 45 minutes. During this tense period, I became aware of my own worry projecting into imaginary worst case scenarios. A long history of traumatic experiences with hospitals and conventional medicine has made the entire family minimize such interventions. I was hopeful that EC may help, but I knew that I was not in the clear space I normally provide to clients. So I first cleared the TEs contributing to my own resistance and discomfort. Once I was neutral, I tested and cleared several TEs in the person. Because there was no change in the symptoms, I then took him to the hospital. To the doctor’s surprise, the ECG was not disturbing. Medication for vertigo, hypertension and antacids was prescribed. Contrary to common practice, they did not even admit him for overnight observation. The follow up today went as smoothly, with no further tests/medication being required. He is feeling fine now. While no direct correlation can be established, I feel that the EC worked to neutralize my own reactions and expectations, as well as to clear his TEs contributed to a peaceful outcome.

Many years ago, I had read a caregiver’s account of how they had someone on the kidney transplant waiting list. Chances of getting a kidney were slim and they were simply praying and channeling reiki, hoping it would result in a miraculous healing. What happened was that the patient was unexpectedly moved to the top of the list and received a successful transplant. The caregiver believed that the prayers and reiki had helped via securing a kidney. There is no way to establish a causative correlation in either that person’s case or mine. Nevertheless, I felt it was a good reminder to be non-attached to particular outcomes. Paradoxically, this is what helps us open to miracles and healing from all quarters, often in ways different from what we may expect.” Sangeeta Bhagwat, www.serenereflection.com

Being aware of the space that you are in before working on anyone, can make all the difference, whether it is by asking for help or/and releasing trapped emotions from yourself prior to doing the work.

Charan Surdhar, TEC/TBC Certified Practitioner