Online learning is a wonderful way to accomplish big goals, with the benefit of working from anywhere, at any hour of the day! However, sometimes it can be hard to focus and complete tasks on time. If you’re interested in taking our Level 1: Emotion Code® and Level 2: Body Code™ courses, this online learning format might take some getting used to! If you’re adjusting to an online environment, it’s important to learn time management skills so you can stay on track to complete the courses and become a fully certified practitioner!

Why are Time Management Skills Important for Online Learning?

Effective time management skills are incredibly valuable for anyone to learn. The more successfully you can manage your time, the easier it will be to accomplish the big goals you set for yourself! 

When you have multiple commitments, it can be easy to get distracted from online learning courses. Life is busy, so knowing how to set time aside for your education can be very helpful. Especially because there will typically be a timeline for your courses. For example, our energy healing courses are self-paced – however, there is a six-month time limit on each course! You will have the best possible chance of success with your energy healing journey by keeping the information fresh in your mind and being fully engaged with the learning process.

Tips to Help Improve Your Time Management Skills

Below are nine online course time management tips to help you stay ahead of your coursework, save time, and complete your goals! 

  • Plan your week ahead of time

Set aside time every week to chip away at your important tasks. Choose a day for goal setting, when you’ll plan out the week ahead of you, and choose reasonable goals to accomplish within the next seven days. Then, schedule blocks of time into your calendar when you’ll work on those goals. Planning out your week can help you prioritize time, and make sure that you carve out space in your busy life to work towards finishing your online education!

  • Set your own deadlines

When working through an online course, you may or may not have a few deadlines throughout the lessons. Either way, it can be very helpful to set your own milestones so you stay focused on reaching your goal. For example, our course allows you to accomplish everything at your own pace throughout the six-month course timeline, so it can be very beneficial to set a date you can reasonably complete the first module, second module, and so on. It can also be helpful to set deadlines for when you’ll complete your first energy healing sessions with other people when you’ll complete your Heart-Wall® sessions and more. Breaking big projects into smaller goals is a wonderful way to manage your time and stay on track. 

  • Avoid overloading yourself with tasks

Try to avoid being overambitious about what you can accomplish in a day! If you try to prepare your meals for the week, start your laundry, and work on your course readings at the same time, you may take longer to finish each of these urgent tasks than if you approached them one at a time. Not giving each individual task your full attention can mean that you don’t fully absorb the information you’re learning, and you might have to go back and read a chapter or watch a video again. Try to focus on one thing at a time instead of overwhelming yourself with too many tasks at once.

  • Clear your space

A messy space can lead to a distracted mind! Try clearing your desk of distractions, and make sure it’s comfortable for you physically to work there. Having one designated area where you can focus on your online course can help with time management, so that every time you sit down at your desk, your subconscious mind knows it’s time to focus and work!

  • Ask your family to give you study time

It takes an average of 23 minutes to refocus after a distraction, one study found! By letting your family or friends know your schedule, and when you’ll be busy studying, you’ll likely be able to avoid some of those distractions. Once you’ve decided what day and time you’ll focus on your online learning, use your communications skills to kindly request that your loved ones give you some time to completely focus! 

  • Tune out the online world

Online learning usually means you’re on the computer for some of your coursework, and that can be distracting! Turning off notifications on your email, social media, or any other distracting pop-ups can be helpful. Additionally, you might turn your phone on airplane mode, or even download an app that’s designed to help you focus by removing digital distractions.

  • Ask for help

Throughout our energy healing online courses, we make sure our Student Advisors are available to answer your questions and guide you through the course. If you ever get confused about a topic, are worried you’re not moving through the coursework fast enough, or aren’t sure how to proceed with part of your online learning course, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

  • Find an accountability partner

It can be helpful to work through an online course with someone else! Having a partner to share your goals with, work towards deadlines together, and talk through what you’re learning can help keep you accountable! Plus, it’s just fun to share your learning journey with someone else! If you don’t know anyone enrolled in our energy healing courses, our Facebook groups and Forum are great places to find new accountability partners and friends. 

  • Celebrate your success

When you meet your deadlines, celebrate your time management successes! You might even choose to reward yourself if that helps inspire you to stick with your timeline. Some great rewards might be to treat yourself to a nice dinner, buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, or whatever else you know you’d enjoy. You may even want to reward yourself with an energy healing session. Seeing a professional healer in action might give you extra motivation to complete the course too!

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