Have you ever felt as though you can’t take the first step to create the life you desire? Or, perhaps your creative energy feels sapped, as though you can’t start anything new, or everything you create feels uninspired? Creative Insecurity and trapped emotions around your heart (a Heart-Wall®) can block your ability to follow your heart and create authentically! When this emotion becomes trapped in our bodies, it can hold us back and stifle our ability to express ourselves. Luckily, the Emotion Code® allows us to release trapped emotional energy with ease – so that you can get back to creating all the beautiful, wonderful things you were meant to bring into the world!

What is Creative Insecurity?

Creative Insecurity is one of the emotions that can get trapped anywhere in our body, and is listed on the Emotion Code chart

If you’ve ever tried something new, you may have felt Creative Insecurity holding you back.

Dr. Bradley Nelson often mentions that Creative Insecurity is one of his favorite emotions to clear from people!

How to Release Creative Insecurity

If you are feeling like there are some blocks to creative energy in your life, you might try energy healing to release them. During your next Emotion Code session with yourself or a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, check for this trapped emotion specifically. You may find yourself creating bravely and confidently after you release it!

The Heart-Wall and Creative Insecurity

What about when the emotion of Creative Insecurity becomes part of a Heart-Wall®? When a Heart-Wall forms around our heart, it can dampen our ability to be our authentic selves. No matter what emotions are trapped there, we may find that a Heart-Wall has a profound impact on our creative abilities. Much of creativity comes from being brave and confident in what we can bring to the world! When a Heart-Wall is present, we may not feel comfortable or self-assured enough to start something new.

“The heart is where we create; it is where we live authentically. In the field of neurocardiology, they say that our heart is our second brain. Not only that, but there is more information going from the heart to the brain than there is brain to the heart. Releasing the Heart-Wall can have a huge impact on a person’s life. If the emotion of Creative Insecurity is trapped around the heart, the frequency of this emotion would inhibit a person from being as creative as they would naturally be. By systematically releasing the trapped emotions around the heart, one by one, you may begin to feel your creative energies returning. The Emotion Code is a true gift, allowing us to free our hearts and create authentically again!”

Excerpt submitted by Charan Surdhar, Body Code and Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

So how can you clear your Heart-Wall? Learning to use the Emotion Code on yourself, or working with a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner can help you free your heart and restore your creative spirit. A Heart-Wall typically takes three to five sessions to clear. With each session, and each layer of emotion that is released, you may begin to feel lighter, braver, and more authentically you.

Learn more in this video with Dr. Brad!

Creative Blocks Broken: Energy Healing Overcomes Creative Insecurity

Read on for three powerful testimonials that show how releasing Creative Insecurity can have an incredible impact!

“Cherry was feeling angry, depressed, and directionless. She was creatively blocked and unsatisfied after her work was criticized. Since her Emotion Code® sessions, she is now able to deal with her emotional traumas. She has rediscovered her love of photography again and has received her first commission.”

~Tanya F., Province, United Kingdom

“My Heart-Wall®, as I would’ve imagined, came about when I was a child. The experiences that I had, led me to develop a wall around my heart. Although I thought I had healed from the traumatic experiences I have been through, going through the process of removing trapped emotions proved otherwise. I have released a total of 37 trapped emotions from myself and some from family members as well. At least half of my trapped emotions I either inherited or passed on to my children. Two of my trapped emotions were insecurity and creative insecurity, and since releasing those emotions, I have felt more secure in what I desire to create. I actually feel like a new woman and that a lot of weight has been lifted off of me. I finally figured out what had been holding me back.”

~Paige J., Michigan, USA

“Months after clearing [my Heart-Wall®], I found out I had a hidden Heart-Wall too! This one had fewer trapped emotions, but the one that stood out was Creative Insecurity. Indeed, I had been feeling quite stuck in the last few months as I prepared to re-launch myself as a writer. [Since clearing these trapped emotions] I have already written a couple of children’s books, one of which is currently in the process of being published.”

~Elda P., California, USA

If you are ready to release Creative Insecurity and free your heart to create authentically, reach out to one of our amazing energy healing practitioners today! Or, if you’re intrigued, you could even become one yourself!

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