This is the fifth in a six-part series, defining the main imbalances addressed by the Body Code.

The goal of the Body Code™ is to identify the root causes of discomfort, sickness, and suffering in body and spirit. This is done by locating and releasing imbalances. These imbalances can be categorized into six main types. If you’re unfamiliar with the Body Code, you may be wondering what imbalances are. One of the six categories is Circuit or System, referring to the energy systems of the body including the chakras, meridians, and the energy circuits of the organs and glands. Join us for a deeper dive into defining the Circuit or System imbalances you might find while practicing the Body Code!

What is a Circuit or System Imbalance in the Body Code?

An imbalance can be created within the Circuits and Systems of the body by many different things! Our bodies exist in a delicate balance, and one small issue can easily throw off that balance, resulting in discomfort and distress. Using the Body Code, we can identify the specifics of the System or Circuit that needs to be addressed in order to bring the body back into balance. When the body is in balance, it can more easily heal itself, potentially resolving issues forever! These Systems and Circuits include:

  • Disconnection

If there’s a Disconnection somewhere in the body, issues are bound to present! These Disconnections can present in a number of different ways and are often related to a break of some kind between the physical body and the spirit. An example of this is a Spirit/Physical Disconnection, which occurs when the spirit is still located within the physical body, but there is a breakdown of communication between the two. It’s also possible for the spirit to partially displace and become separate from the body, which is referred to as Spirit Out of Body.

  • Organs

Our Organs provide vital bodily functions, and when functioning properly, keep us in good health! When there is an imbalance located in a certain Organ, the body may experience a wide variety of unfavorable symptoms. When directed to this section of the Body Code, you’ll locate the specific Organ that needs to be addressed through muscle testing. Examples of the Organs you may discover are the Heart, the Stomach, the Brain and its anatomy, including the Cranial Nerves, Cerebrum, Cerebellum, and more. 

  • Glands

The Glands section of the Body Code allows users to identify imbalances in Glands that secrete particular chemical substances for use in the body. This includes important Glands such as the Thyroid. The Thyroid secretes hormones that influence metabolism, growth, development, and more. Additionally, Adrenals are addressed in this section. Adrenals help the body regulate stress, among other functions! Male and Female Gland systems differ, so you will find sections with Gland systems specific to each gender in this category as well. 

  • Body Cycle or Rhythm

This section of the Body Code addresses imbalances present in the Diurnal Cycle, and Circadian Rhythm. The Diurnal Cycle refers to a recurring pattern that happens every 24 hours and corresponds to the energy flow of the 12 main energy meridians throughout the body. The Diurnal Chart shows a time period for each Organ and can be helpful in identifying which Organ is experiencing an imbalance. Additionally, this section covers the Circadian Rhythm. This also refers to a recurring pattern within the body that happens every 24 hours. All of our biological functions, such as brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration, and more, can be linked with certain times of the Circadian Rhythm. 

  • The Energy Body

This section covers the energetic systems within the body. This includes Meridians, Chakras, Aura, and the Spirit Body. The Body Code provides a way to work with the energy of the body and resolve imbalances that can occur in the Spirit Body, the Aura, the Chakras, and the Meridians. The human bioelectromagnetic field, the energy flow of the body, and the spirit are each important parts of human physiology, however, medicine often only treats the physical body! This section allows users to identify and release imbalances that could be interfering with their optimum health.

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