The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ are tools that anyone can learn how to use. Our mission is to empower you to heal yourself. That’s why we’ve designed our courses and certifications to teach you everything you need to know in order to take your healing journey into your own hands. If you’re curious about energy healing, but don’t know where to start, let us walk you through the best way to master the tools we believe help balance energy in your body, facilitating more health and happiness!

Step 1: Download the Starter Kit

A great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with Discover Healing is with our Starter Kit. This resource is offered to you free of charge so that you can experience The Emotion Code without commitment. When you download the kit, you’ll receive the Emotion Code Chart and the Trapped Emotions Flow Chart to help begin your energy healing journey. By reading through the charts, you’ll begin to familiarize yourself with the questions used to locate energetic imbalances in the body. The chart guides you through a series of questions used in The Emotion Code and can help you determine the actions to take when locating and releasing trapped energy.

Step 2. Read The Emotion Code

Start diving deeper into The Emotion Code by reading the book written by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This book offers a strong basis and understanding on which you can continue to build more knowledge. You’ll learn about important foundational concepts, how Dr. Nelson developed this tool, and the ways that energetic imbalances, Trapped Emotions, and a Heart-Wall® may be impacting you.

Step 3. Begin Practicing Muscle Testing

This technique is a powerful way to ask your body what it needs and is an important part of both The Emotion Code and The Body Code. While you don’t need to know how to muscle test before enrolling in our practitioner courses, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the system of testing! It’s our belief that your mind knows what you need in order to heal. Muscle testing allows you to access your inner knowledge. Practicing muscle testing consistently can help improve your confidence and ability to receive answers. A great place to begin learning how to muscle test is with our free Introduction to Muscle Testing course.  

Step 4. Explore Becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

After gaining an understanding of all that these tools can offer, you may be interested in mastering The Emotion Code in order to take control of your health and happiness. We offer the option to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner through our certification program. This program is for those who want to learn how to practice The Emotion Code effectively on both themselves and others. The program gives you the experience and knowledge to release Trapped Emotions, which can balance energy in the body and may facilitate physical and emotional recovery! After completing the certification you’ll also be able to charge for your energy healing services if you’d like.

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Step 5. Get the Discover Healing App and become familiar with The Body Code

The Body Code App contains both The Emotion Code and The Body Code and is an incredibly helpful tool in your energy healing journey. The app will help walk you through the steps to identify Trapped Emotions, look for and resolve imbalances throughout the body, and restore balance physically and emotionally. You may get the Discover Healing App at any time on a monthly subscription, whether you intend to become a Body Code Certified Practitioner or not.

Step 6. Continue Learning with The Practitioner Education Program

Once certified, we offer a Practitioner Education Program for all of our practitioners. This program allows us to continue to support our practitioners so that you can keep learning, access updated information, and get answers to questions directly from our experts. The program includes quarterly online calls where Dr. Nelson and his team teach foundational principles, offer a live question and answer session, and conduct a live sample session.

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 Step 7. Consider Becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner

Once you’ve completed your training in The Emotion Code, you may find that you want to continue your education in energy healing. Dr. Nelson’s Body Code System is the world’s most advanced self-study course on energy healing. This course will enable you to access the subconscious mind to unlock your energy healing abilities. Practitioners must be certified in The Emotion Code before signing up for The Body Code, as this course builds on the knowledge learned in our first course. By becoming a Certified Body Code Practitioner, you will be joining an elite group of energy healers around the world, and you can become more adept and skilled at your work.

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Step 8. Keep learning and growing!

We offer many ways to stay connected with the Discover Healing community and to continue learning and growing as a practitioner. Take advantage of additional training, seminars, and keep growing your abilities. Higher levels of training in The Body Code will be released in the future, so stay tuned!

Whatever level of training you’re interested in achieving, even a basic understanding of energy healing can have a profound impact on your life! Starting with our free resources is a great way to gain an understanding of what we offer, and determine if you might be interested in learning more. We look forward to supporting you on your energy healing journey, and empowering you to heal yourself!