Most people are familiar with personal trainers, and how they can help you meet your fitness goals. Similarly, you’ve probably heard about how working with a nutritionist can help you attain your nutrition and diet goals. A certified holistic health coach looks at the whole picture of a client’s health, all together! By approaching wellness as an interwoven web, rather than select issues that aren’t interrelated, holistic health care practitioners address the complete person — body, mind, and spirit!

Well-being is made up of many different aspects, and a holistic approach means looking at all of them together instead of separately. Holistic health care coaches address physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. Certifications for holistic health coaches are becoming more and more accessible online, meaning that it’s easier than ever to explore a career in holistic coaching.

Why become a holistic health coach?

People want to feel their best, and that impulse means the health and wellness industry just keeps growing! Already a 4.5 trillion dollar industry globally, holistic health care is on track to continue expanding throughout 2020 (and beyond!). What that means is that those who specialize in helping people through holistic wellness practices can expect a steady increase in clients. It’s an industry that will continue to grow. 

Add to that the satisfaction of working in a field that helps people live happier healthier lives, and you have a solid argument for why becoming a certified holistic health coach is worthwhile!

Other benefits of becoming a holistic health coach:

  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Set your own work schedule to fit your life
  • Feel fulfilled personally and professionally as you help others
  • Unlock your earning potential with new clients 
  • Own your own business after successfully completing certifications

What do holistic health coaches help with?

Different holistic health coaches can help with different aspects of life, depending on their expertise and education! Their focus and recommendations will also change depending on what they determine their client needs. A holistic health practitioner might help guide you to energy healing practices such as chakra balancing, yoga, or meditation. Another holistic health practitioner might be more focused on your nutrition and exercise levels. Perhaps what you need most are changes in your personal relationships, and holistic health coaches may be able to guide you through lifestyle changes that improve these relationships. If a client is experiencing something that’s outside the range of what a holistic health coach is able to assist with, they would refer them to someone else with the proper training for extra support. 

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Earn a holistic health coaching certification online

Once you’ve decided to begin your holistic health coaching journey, the next question is how to get started. As we mentioned, online courses are becoming increasingly available! This makes becoming a wellness coach easier (and more cost-effective) than ever before. A few certification programs to research are the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, National Society of Health Coaches, and Duke Integrative Medicine. You can also pursue special additional training that will allow you to help clients with an even wider range of topics! There are many different programs available, and the first step in choosing the right one for you is to decide what aspects of wellness and healing interest you the most.

Here at Discover Healing, we provide certifications in energy healing that can be a wonderful addition to your holistic health coaching practice. In these self-paced, online certification programs, you’ll gain the skills, experience, and credentials of a professional energy healer – in just months. If you’re interested in this aspect of wellness, sign up for our certification program today!