Each holiday season, we search for the perfect gifts to wrap, tie up in bows, and present to our loved ones! However, many studies have shown that having more material possessions doesn’t equal happiness or joy. In fact, gifting and receiving experiences are much more fulfilling than giving items. So this season, as you’re searching for the perfect gift to give, consider gifting an experience. Let us share a few of our favorite suggestions for non-material gifts below!

Experiences Gift Guide

According to one study from Cornell University, experiences may provide more lasting happiness than physical gifts. Experiential gifts can be personalized to perfectly fit a recipient’s interests, and are often extremely rewarding both for the giver and the receiver! These fun gifts can create priceless memories, or teach the receiver new skills that last a lifetime!

Art Classes

Whether your friend or family member is an artist or interested in art, finding a way to help them tap into their creativity is a thoughtful present! You might find a local paint and wine event, or research a crafting class. Some farms or plant nurseries offer homemade wreath making experiences around the holidays, or host build-your-own succulent terrariums. There are even live online painting classes you can give, so they don’t even have to leave home for their art class!

Energy Healing Course

For the healer in your life, consider giving the gift of expanding their abilities! If your loved one is curious about energy healing, you might enroll them in a course to learn more. Some great options are Reiki courses, a massage lesson, or The Emotion Code® Certification. Many courses have sales around the holidays, and learning a new healing technique is really the gift that keeps on giving. Add to a healer’s repertoire and they’ll share their gift with the world!

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Add to the Adventure

If one of your friends or family has an exciting trip planned in the coming year, one great way to gift an experience is to fund part of their adventure! Search for fun experiences wherever they’re going, such as museums, sunset boat rides, live music shows, etc. Then purchase tickets to that experience and gift them during the holidays! 

For Your Fit Friend

We all know how great we feel after a yoga class or a great workout. Show your loved one that you care by buying a set of classes, wellness retreat, or even an online membership. Yoga International or Glo are great online sites for virtual yoga classes with a wide range of abilities. Peloton and Aaptiv are fun online workout options you might gift! You could also consider a set of dance classes — perhaps your friend would love to learn ballroom or salsa at a local dance studio! 

Celebrate with Food 

For a foodie friend, you might purchase a cooking class where they can hone their skills! Another fun options are to send your friend a food subscription box. Lots of different options are out there, from Butcher Box (a monthly meat delivery service) to Purple Carrot (a vegan home cooking box). 

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Gift Knowledge

Give the gift of an amazing learning experience! Whatever your gift recipient is interested in, there’s a class out there they’d love. Online classes make it easy, with options such as Udemy and MasterClass — which both offer courses from experts in many different fields. Local universities often offer interesting classes as well, from web design to pottery, and everything in between! 

Zen for the Holidays

Give the gift of inner peace! Meditation tools are becoming more and more popular, and they can be amazing for finding a little more calm. You might gift a yearly subscription to a service such as Calm or Headspace — and they will enjoy the effects all year long!