How well do you know your own body? Are you tapped into your inner knowing? Would you like to feel more confident in listening to, deciphering, and communicating your body’s messages for optimal health?

When it comes to health, we often seek outside counsel first. Many of us have lost our connection to the voice of the body — being able to recognize, interpret, and respond to what it’s telling us. Our ancestors knew to tune inward first — to regularly pay attention to the signals of their bodies to stave off “dis-ease” before it began. In fact, in ancient cultures, the most successful, highly regarded physicians had the fewest number of patients — because they taught people to listen to their bodies and prevent illness before it began. These days, the opposite is true. Most of us only seek medical treatment when symptoms are so acute that we’re forced to enlist outside help. We no longer have the skills or confidence to even acknowledge, much less translate, the wisdom of our body.

Fortunately, there is a way to train ourselves to listen to the signals of our body and take corrective action for health and healing. While intuition is not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment, it can be a powerful tool that can facilitate the healing process. Join the Intuitive Medicine Summit! You’ll discover how to reconnect with your body’s inner wisdom — and how to leverage this skill for optimal health and healing.


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