“I dedicate the best success story to our 12-year-old daughter Jael.

“She experienced bullying in fifth grade. Jael suffered a lot and we felt helpless. In addition to conversations with teachers and school social workers, I began using the Emotion Code® with her. I was able to dissolve her Heart-Wall® and over the course of many sessions we addressed physical symptoms, beliefs and feelings of great anger and sadness.

“Over time, Jael began to believe in herself again and to become more confident. We succeeded in teaching her that the mean words of classmates and marginalization ultimately said nothing about her true worth. It was a very tough time for her and we as parents would have liked to protect her from it, but by dissolving the trapped emotions, Jael managed to get through this school year in good health and to concentrate on new things. She started climbing and playing mini-concerts on her violin, which makes her very proud. At some point, the exclusion and the nasty comments stopped. This change meant a new beginning for Jael.

“The feeling of worthlessness, which was intensified by the bullying, we could not completely dissolve, but we were able reduce it a lot. Jael has become more self-confident, dared to fight back and stand up for herself. She takes responsibility for herself and others, loves to bake, plan projects and has become creative again. Meanwhile, she also likes to meet up with her friends, some of whom she has regained. She has become a cheerful and warm young lady and it is a pleasure to be her mom. Together we have become strong and we know that we can master a lot.”

~Judith W., NW, Switzerland

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