“Slate, my 4-year-old client, diagnosed with autism, has been doing sessions with me for eight months. After our first session, his mom noticed his eye contact was getting better. After our second session, he started to babble more with his two older brothers by giving them a PECS card (a way for autistic people to communicate without relying on speech). After our third session, Slate was becoming more engaged and a few days later, he said his brothers’ names for the very first time. After our fourth session, he’s been playing sensory games with other children and using the potty on his own.

“We started out doing sessions every other week and are now doing them once a month. He keeps making improvements. He is making more eye contact, interacting with his brothers and other children at school, and playing with his dogs more. Just recently, for the first time, Slate has participated in the actions to a song at school. Seeing what the Body Code™ and the Emotion Code® have done for this sweet little boy just melts my heart! I’m forever grateful at being introduced to this amazing healing modality and getting to help others in a natural, holistic manner.”

~Connie Melsha, Iowa, USA

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