“I rescued my dog Leo from the shelter when he was three years old and I’ve had him for a year and a half now. Prior to my ownership, Leo was physically abused by the male in his household. About a month and a half ago when I was doing travel nursing, I’d be gone for half of the week and my dog would stay at my parents’ house. Leo grew very close to my dad. My dad and he would snuggle, play, and go on adventures together. One weekend every time my dad would come home Leo would meet him at the door with excitement and a puddle of pee. It was an unusual behavior to start with an adult dog. On Sunday evening when I went to pick up Leo, my mom told me about the behavior and encouraged me to see if he had a trapped emotion contributing to the situation. Using the Emotion Code® I found “unworthy.” Leo felt unworthy of the love he received from my dad. We cleared the trapped emotion and he hasn’t peed on the floor since.”

~Madeline Heimerl, Wisconsin, USA

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