6 Myths about Energy Healing, Debunked

As a non-traditional, holistic means of physical, mental, and emotional treatment, energy healing is often viewed in a negative, falsified light. However, just because it doesn’t use invasive surgeries, pharmaceutical medications, or potentially harmful treatments doesn’t mean energy healing doesn’t work. Not only will this article help to debunk six of the common myths surrounding energy healing, but it will also provide you with helpful information regarding this effective practice and how it can benefit you in the future.

Myth #6: Energy healing contradicts science

Rumor has it: Many naysayers of holistic medicine declare there’s no scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of practices like energy healing. To some, this apparent “lack of science” automatically nullifies the legitimacy of energy healing.

The real deal: In reality, scientists and researchers have been studying energy healing techniques for years and publishing hundreds of different studies validating the legitimacy of the practice. Continuing research reveals even more scientific proof that energy healing can help to improve immune function, reduce pain, speed recovery, and much more.

Myth #5: Energy healing is new-age practice

Rumor has it: Energy healing is a new-age practice done by tie-dye-laden hippies and prayer-bead-wearing beatniks.

The real deal: Not only can energy healing practices be traced back to the early 20th century, when the Japanese tradition of Reiki was commonly used, but this holistic method is used by certified practitioners of all types including nurses, doctors, massage therapists and other licensed professionals.

Myth #4: Only spiritual people benefit from energy healing

Rumor has it: You have to be a highly spiritual person to practice or benefit from various energy healing practices.

The real deal: Energy healing is all about manipulating and releasing negative, harmful energies from the body. While spirituality is not a necessary ingredient, you should have an open mind and eagerness to heal everytime you go into an energy healing session.

Myth #3: Not very many people actually use energy healing

Rumor has it: Because energy healing is a “new-age” technique “without the backing of science,” nobody actually uses it.

The real deal: Though it may seem like mainstream Western medicine runs the health and wellness industry, statistics indicate that anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of American adults turn to alternative approaches to treat pain and illness. Along with methods like acupuncture, energy healing is frequently used for its notable benefits.

Myth #2: You have to have special talents and abilities to practice energy healing

Rumor has it: Just like practitioners of Western medicine, who have to pass years of schooling and training to become certified in their field, energy healing practitioners have to have unique skills, talents, and abilities to be effective.

The real deal: As long as the desire and intent are there, anyone can be an energy healer. Along with having a natural desire to help those in need, there are dozens of other signs that you might be a natural healer.

Myth #1: Energy healing is just a placebo effect

Rumor has it: Claiming you’ve been healed by an energy healing practitioner is just a “placebo effect” – that it only exists in your head and isn’t actually a real thing.

The real deal: People who make this claim clearly don’t understand the power of the mind; that – regardless if it’s traditional or alternative medicine treatment – the chances of healing and recovery are significantly increased if the brain believes in the treatment the body’s being given. In short, the placebo ultimately aids in recovery rather than hinders it.

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