by Charan Surdhar, Body Code and Emotion Code Certified Practitioner

I would like to bring to your attention the heart and how it relates to our creativity. But first, the definition of Creative Insecurity (which is one of the emotions that can get trapped in our body and as part of the Heart-Wall): Feeling unsafe or untrusting the self about the creation or development of anything (relationships, family, health, money, career and/or artistic endeavors.) A feeling of insecurity that arises and blocks the creative process. (e.g. writer’s block)

Many of us probably resonate with Creative Insecurity and have felt it many times and in many areas of our lives.

December 2012, for me, was a time when our hearts came to an alignment. They continue to do so on deeper and deeper levels. This is why the work of releasing Heart-Walls has been so important. Since the shift in energies, that happened in December 2012, each one of us is more often coming from our heart space. Prior to December we felt this shift also, as the energies began building up.

The heart is where we create from, it is where we live authentically from. It has been shown by the field of neurocardiology that our heart is our second brain. Not only that, but there is more information going from the heart to the brain than there is brain to the heart. Releasing the Heart-Wall can have a huge impact on a person’s life, but if there is the emotion of Creative Insecurity trapped around the heart then the frequency of this would inhibit a person from being as creative as they would naturally be.

In the last few months I have released many Creative Insecurities from Heart-Walls, more so than last year. This made me think about the connection between the shifts in energies since December 2012, allowing us to come more often from our heart space.

Releasing a Heart-Wall, regardless of which emotion is there, is a true gift. Sharing my experience of how there have been more creative insecurities released since this huge shift, has been powerful.

Here is a video I made sharing more about Heart-Walls: