If you have worked with The Emotion Code and The Body Code, no doubt you have noticed positive shifts in areas of your life beyond relief of the issue you sought help for. Perhaps you feel lighter, less stressed, and less bothered by things that used to be your “pet peeves.” This is the result of your vibrational set-point being raised to a higher level through releasing emotional baggage and other imbalances.

Clients often ask me what they can do to help keep their vibrational level high, so they can prevent trapping “new” emotions. There are many ways to stay positive and avoid negative trapped emotions. Here are some for you to consider:

Choose Your Emotional Responses

Have you ever caught yourself reacting so quickly to a situation that it seems as if your emotional response was built into the equation? This is because your subconscious mind chose that emotion in an attempt to keep you super-safe. It was influenced by your previous experiences and by any trapped emotions you have, including those you inherited and absorbed. Sometimes that response is completely appropriate and can even be life-saving. But frequently, it is out of proportion to the situation, raises your stress level and complicates matters. It can set off a negative spiral, resulting in you trapping more emotions, which cause more inappropriate emotional responses, and on and on it goes.

When you find yourself reacting from this default mode, don’t try to squelch or push down the emotion; that can actually cause it to become trapped. Rather, acknowledge it, but don’t act on it. Then take a step back and consider why that particular emotion came up, and if it is the best choice. This will enable you to be responsive rather than reactive.

Through your work with The Emotion Code and The Body Code, you will notice that it becomes easier to do this. Keep in mind that there may be deeper layers which your subconscious mind brings to the surface to be cleared. Keep releasing your emotional baggage as you become aware of it. This will disconnect more emotional triggers, decrease the frequency and severity of your default reactions, and raise your vibrational frequency.

Invest Your Energy Wisely

With today’s smart phones, social media and 24-hour news, we can be constantly inundated with information, images and commentary. Much of this is negative, and it’s easy to become emotionally swamped by what’s going on in the world. You may react by feeling helpless when seeing someone in trouble, or vulnerable when hearing about a new epidemic as it is reported continuously, or frustrated and judgmental about a political issue. It only increases the general level of negativity if you contribute more of the same, either as a participant or as an observer.

When you see a situation that you can contribute to in a positive way, you may feel compelled to do so. That’s great! Helping others is a sure way to raise your vibration; it benefits you as well as those you help. It’s important that you choose your level of involvement, though. Set clear boundaries for yourself, and maintain them. This includes limiting your exposure to the media. Everyone has just so much time, money and energy— spend them wisely.

There will always be problems which you cannot change, and people who turn down your offer of help. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to send prayers and positive energy to the situation, and then, “let go and let God.” It is possible that the healthiest action for you take is to find a different perspective about the situation. Viewing a negative issue as “coming up in order to be cleared out,” is one possibility; another is to consider that it is “providing contrast” so that we can individually or collectively manifest something better. Be aware that sometimes, situations are exploited in an attempt to manipulate our beliefs and behavior for someone’s gain.

Take the opportunity to ask yourself why you are reacting so strongly. You may have some trapped emotions or imbalances which are causing you to resonate with the negativity of the situation and the reactions of others; be sure to release those. Thoughtful observation and evaluation will enable you to choose the emotional responses and actions that are in everyone’s best interest .

Focus On What You Want, Not What You Dread

The subconscious mind does not distinguish between real and imagined events. When you dream, read a book or watch a movie, you react emotionally and physiologically as if the events were actually happening to you in the present moment. So it makes sense that when you mentally project yourself into a future situation which you imagine to be scary or stressful, your subconscious mind believes that it is really happening and reacts accordingly. This means that you are creating, and possibly trapping, negative emotions just by imagining the worst. Your physiological reaction to these emotions is to release stress hormones which have destructive effects on your body. This causes a vicious cycle of more and more negative thinking, feeling and reacting.

In addition, because we attract more of what we resonate with, this negative visualization tends to draw more negativity to us. The opposite is obviously also true.

Recognize that you choose what you think about, and then choose to imagine the best possible outcome, or at least, a neutral one. You will need to be vigilant in order to catch yourself when you slip back into negative thinking. Don’t beat yourself up for it; that’s stressful, too! Just recognize that you’ve gone off course, and correct yourself, the same way you steer your car to keep it safely on the road to get where you want to go.

Essential Self-Care

The state of your health affects your emotional resilience, overall quality of life, and vibrational level. It is important to nurture your health in order to maintain the highest level you can.

Eating a balanced diet of organic fruits and vegetables and lean sources of protein fuels your body and keeps your vibrational frequency high. Foods full of sugar, trans-fats, chemicals, preservatives and colorings are hard for your body to digest, are full of toxins and have a very low vibrational frequency. No doubt you’ve noticed the difference in the way you feel after eating a healthy meal versus how sluggish you feel after eating even one meal of junk food.

Drinking plenty of high-quality water is a healthy habit to form. It hydrates your tissues, which your body needs to function properly, and to flush out toxins. It is easier for your body to absorb water if you sip it throughout the day, rather than drinking large amounts at a time.

Exercise is important to strengthen muscles and bones, to enhance flexibility, and to maintain healthy weight. It helps the body burn off excess stress hormones and aids in detoxification. Aerobic exercise stimulates the brain to release serotonin and other “feel good” hormones which are natural anti-depressants. Exercising outdoors provides the added benefits of breathing fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin. Spending time in nature is grounding and also raises your vibrational frequency.

Listen to your body and give it the proper rest that it needs. Don’t make a habit of over-riding your body’s call for rest by drinking caffeinated beverages or eating sweets in order to get a jolt of energy to keep going. You probably have a sense of how much sleep is optimum for you to feel your best. Honor your body’s sleep requirement just as you do its other requirements so it can recharge, recover, and repair.

Practice Forgiveness

When you have been hurt by someone else, it’s natural for you to have feelings of betrayal, anger, and resentment toward them. As with all negative emotions, it is important to experience, process and then release them.

Even though you may feel justified in doing so, holding onto painful memories is harmful to you. Every time you think of the person or the situation, your glands release stress hormones, which are caustic to your body and make you feel worse. It keeps the situation “fresh” in your psyche, and keeps you in a low-vibrational state. Long after the event, you may still be stewing in a broth of poisonous thoughts and emotions as if it just happened, while the other person has probably forgotten about it and moved on. It is as if they hurt you once, but you torture yourself thousands of times because of it!

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone the other person’s actions. It means that you choose to put down the satchel of pain that you have been carrying in your heart. Forgiveness means that you turn the situation over to a higher power to deal with so that you can live fully in the present moment, instead of in the past. It automatically raises your vibrational level and allows you to attract positive energy and outcomes into your life.

The Emotion Code and The Body Code can help you through the forgiveness process by releasing emotions which you have trapped, both at the time of the event and by ruminating over it. The beauty of The Emotion Code and The Body Code is that they do not require you to relive painful memories in order to release them. You may also find that prayer, meditation, and the Ho’opono’pono (an easy Hawaiian forgiveness practice) can be very helpful and supportive as well.

Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

Have you ever found yourself being so caught up in everything you need to get done that your mind is three steps ahead of what you’re working on at that moment? You may hardly acknowledge what you’ve accomplished, or appreciate what’s around you. Be sure make a habit of recognizing all you have to be grateful for.

Take some time every day to reflect on the good things in your life. Make a list of ten or even five things a day that you appreciate and are thankful for. Include things both big and small; your family, your health, indoor plumbing, the birds at your bird feeder, how you felt when you gave five dollars to the homeless person at the corner, your dog wagging his tail when you walked in the door, the sound of children laughing. Keep a gratitude journal so you can go back and read it over and see how much you truly have to be grateful for. There are even apps you can download to your phone just for this purpose.

Don’t forget to give thanks for those silver-lined clouds which show up from time to time. They could reveal a lesson you need to learn, or highlight emotions and patterns you need to release. Look for the blessings that come in disguise, and count them, too. This helps you see the opportunities that you may otherwise miss by letting adversity get the best of you. Feeling gratitude puts you into the flow of attracting positive energy into your life and is a surefire way to raise your vibrational frequency.

I hope this has given you some ideas that you can use to raise your vibrational level. Expand on this list and come up with some of your own. Make it a practice to incorporate them into your daily life, and you will continually reap the benefits. Remember, the vibrational set-point of the world is raised one person at a time.

~ Holly Buynovsky, CBCP