What does it take to make changes in your life in the areas you need it most? In this article we will explore how to set goals to meet your new year resolutions.

It’s now a few weeks into the new year, have the resolutions you made at the beginning of the year started to dwindle?

What if there is a way to meet these resolutions but in a very different way than what is usually taught?

Rather than looking at wanting to change things from the outside in, what if we looked from the inside out?

I want to propose that the level of our self-worth is proportional to how fast our resolutions fizzle out. Basically your inner world is reflected by your outer. 

The focus with new year resolutions has always been to change the outside; change the way you eat, change the way you exercise, and so on. Of course these are important, but what if you had more self-worth which would mean a more nourishing inner environment? You would feel satisfaction from within and wouldn’t need motivation to change anything on the outside, but would automatically shift things from your outside into alignment with your inner.

Without self-worth, there is a push to change things on the outside and that is why your goals may run out of steam after a little while. But if you have the self propelling power of self-worth within then this continues to “create” rather than push for change. It’s a whole new energy in itself.

So whether you want to stop smoking, reduce body mass or exercise more, it all begins with self-worth. Self-worth brings you to a space of self-acceptance rather then self-loathing. Two completely different energies that create different results.

Here are a few suggestions to help you gain more self-worth. They may be simple but can have profound results:

1. Sit for 5 minutes in the sun. Feel the energy of its rays pouring into every part of you, every single one of your cells and feeding them with life. The sun energizes you and your body, just like it energizes plants and trees. We too require this energy, so breathe it in while silently repeating “I love you” to your body, and exhale what is no longer required. It’s a great way to start the day.

2. Look in a mirror, and look closely into one of your eyes – it doesn’t matter which one, and you can alternate eyes during this exercise. Do this for 5 minutes, repeat “I love you” over and over while looking into your eye. You may find that you resist this at first, but stay with it, it’s very powerful.

3. See if you have a Heart-Wall and release it using The Emotion Code. This is a wall made up of trapped emotions that surround your heart. This wall acts as a filter for what you receive and give out to the world and has a huge impact on your Self-Worth. You can learn this technique and do it yourself by reading the book of the same name, The Emotion Code, by Dr Bradley Nelson, or have an Emotion Code practitioner or Body Code Practitioner work on you to release your Heart-Wall. Being free of your Heart-Wall will have profound results on your life. Without a Heart-Wall, you interact authentically with yourself and others. This is a very empowering place to be in that it impacts your life in a huge way.

Here’s an animated video that explains it further:

Taking consistent steps of action to create the life you want begins with your inner-self, and your level of self worth. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year creating from inside out.

Charan Surdhar, CECP/CBCP