Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and what better time to shower your loved ones with meaningful gifts! If you want to give something more than chocolate or flowers, explore our list of wellness-boosting holistic health gift ideas. 

Holistic Health and Wellness Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022

Discover our list of sweet suggestions to help you share the love this Valentine’s Day. 

  • Instead of flowers, give a living plant!

While a more traditional bouquet is beautiful, you might consider gifting potted plants, which will last much longer and purify the air in your loved one’s home at the same time. Living plants have been shown to improve concentration, boost productivity, and even help you heal faster!

  • Create a box of healthy treats

A box of chocolates is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift! Update this classic for the holistic health lover in your life by filling a box with treats that are good for their health. Stop by your local health food store and stock up on dark chocolate, tea, popcorn, dried fruits, and nuts.

  • Pamper them with a wellness treatment

Treat your partner to a wellness experience this Valentine’s Day! A massage, an acupuncture session, or an energy healing appointment with an Emotion Code® or Body Code™ practitioner are all great ways to make them feel loved. 

  • Give heart-healthy fitness

Exercising has been proven to lessen stress, lower the risk of heart disease, improve sleep, and have many other important benefits. This Valentine’s Day, you might give the gift of membership to a new yoga studio, swimming pool, dance class, or another fitness method you know they’ll enjoy! This can be a great way to do something healthy together. Or, perhaps invest in a fun gift to promote heart-healthy exercise. Give something that will help them enjoy fitness, such as a bike, paddleboard, running shoes, pickleball paddle, or other items related to their favorite sport!

  • Invest in their energy healing knowledge

Consider investing in training or certification for them! Emotion Code and our newly updated Body Code™ energy healing certification courses are on sale for Valentine’s Day and are an amazing way to gain abilities that will help them achieve optimal wellness. We’re also offering two heart-centered training courses, Resonating Relationships, and Your Open Heart at a discounted price. Enrolling in these training series together could be the perfect way to grow your love, and break down the barriers holding you back from a deeper connection! 

  • Plan a special day together

One of the best gifts you can give is spending quality time creating memories together! Think about a fun experience your partner would love. You could book a cooking class to take together, buy passes to a live music show, or reserve a dance lesson. The opportunities are endless, and you’ll have memories from your experience forever. 

We hope these suggestions help you make the people in your life feel loved with holistic, healthy, gifts. Let us know if you use any of these ideas in the comments below!