In both the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™ methods, magnetic energy is used to clear imbalances and trapped emotions from the Governing Meridian. So, what exactly is the Governing Meridian, and why is it important in energy healing? 

What is a Meridian?

To understand the Governing Meridian, it’s important to have a general understanding of what meridians are, and how they function within the body. The concept of meridians originated in Chinese Medicine. They are used in many healing practices including massage, energy healing, and acupuncture. A simple definition is that meridians are channels that allow energy to flow through the physical being. 

There are 12 main meridians which each correspond to organ systems, and have either a ‘yin’ nature or a ‘yang’ nature. Additionally, there are two ‘Extraordinary’ meridians. These include the Conception Meridian and the Governing Meridian. Extraordinary Meridians act as the main vessels for energy (sometimes called Qi in Chinese Medicine). They are primarily responsible for circulating energy throughout the body and providing connections between the 12 other meridians. 

All the meridians are connected, and when energy flows freely through them the body is in balance and remains healthy. However, when a meridian becomes blocked issues can begin to form. 

Why is the Governing Meridian Important in Energy Healing?

The Governing Meridian runs along the center of the body, from the tailbone up over the top of the head, to the top lip. Because it is connected to every other meridian throughout the body, it is a powerful way to access the body’s energy. 

When using the Emotion Code and Body Code, practitioners will clear energetic blockages, imbalances, and trapped emotions from the Governing Meridian. This is typically done by first identifying the specific energy that is causing an issue, then swiping a magnet along the Governing Meridian. Since the body is made of electromagnetic energy, the use of a magnet can attract the energy of the imbalance, essentially pulling the blockage from the body.

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