Most likely, you’ve heard or read about the power of a positive mindset or positive thinking. The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that positive affirmations and a positive mindset can help drive you toward a positive outcome in whatever you do.

If you’re a goal-setter or made some resolutions for the new year, it seems logical that positive thinking could help you stay on track until you achieve those goals. There are plenty of philosophies about goal setting. But no matter how you go about choosing and achieving them, a positive mindset can help you get there. If you struggle with feelings of negativity or pessimism, how can you overcome it? Here are some ideas on how to change your mindset to give you the confidence and positivity you need to chase down the things you want most.

Positive Affirmations

The way you begin your day can have a huge impact on how you feel when it ends. You can either begin with positivity or negativity. You can either take charge and decide to make it a great day, or you can wait and let what happens to you dictate your mindset. Even worse, you could consciously start out with a pessimistic view and let it carry through the next 16 hours.

Positive affirmations are a great way to begin your day by deciding it’ll be a good one. It’s like giving yourself a quick pep-talk in the mirror. Even if it feels a little silly, look at yourself and say, “it’s going to be a great / happy / productive day.” You can then get more specific and tell yourself how you’re going to perform the specific things you want to get done. Try things like, “I’m not going to second-guess myself on the presentation I’m preparing. I’m going to be confident and clear.”

Simply taking a few minutes with positive affirmations every morning can drastically improve how things go for you!

Focus on the Good

Most days, there will be obstacles to overcome, people who are hard to deal with, and mistakes made. But when you run into these things, find a sliver of good and consciously choose to dwell on that instead of what went wrong. If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you have more time to think or listen to music. If your co-worker’s bad mood is taking over the office, here’s an opportunity to be kind and understanding. If you aren’t feeling well, it’s a chance to catch up on some sleep.

Finding those little slivers of goodness in any situation can help you maintain the positive mindset you need to enable your own achievement.


Meditation can help you clear negativity, energize your mind, and relieve anxieties. Think of it as hitting the reset button and allowing yourself a moment to disconnect from the world and tune out the negative. While you’re meditating, focus on light, positivity, and gratitude.

Release Trapped Emotions

If you’re dealing with unknown Trapped Emotions, they could get in the way of the positive mindset you need to believe in yourself and get after your goals. Perform The Emotion Code® regularly to make sure you’re keeping yourself clear of negative emotional baggage, especially after a tough day.

Be in the Moment

Think about this. Doesn’t it seem like most negativity comes from either dwelling on past events or mistakes, or worrying about things that might happen later? We worry over mistakes we made or things people have done to us. We fret about an upcoming challenge or fear a troublesome tomorrow. But what if we could stay in each moment, focus on the here and now, and just be present? Chances are we’d all worry less and enjoy more — and that can contribute to a positive mindset in a big way.

These simple habit changes (make them one at a time if you need to) can help you live with more joy, less stress, and more confidence that you can and will gain the things you want in life.