You might have heard the term “inner peace” hundreds of times without thinking too much about it. But what exactly does it mean to have inner peace? Can energy healing help you achieve it? And more importantly, what does inner peace mean to you?

Inner Peace Leads to Inner Strength

Inner peace can be defined as feeling a deep sense of mental and spiritual harmony or serenity. When you’re at peace, you have the ability to keep yourself grounded and strong, even in the face of turmoil or stress. You might think of inner peace as the opposite of anxiousness, but it certainly isn’t weakness.

Some may equate inner peace with passiveness or even dullness. But if you’ve really found inner peace, that doesn’t mean you’re a doormat or don’t have an active mind. On the contrary, inner peace may make you feel more in the moment, more conscious, and more alive.

What Does Inner Peace Mean for You?

You are the only one who can ultimately define how inner peace feels to you, but here are a few elements that may help you determine just how at peace you are.

  • Less Overthinking
    If you tend to overthink or over analyze every situation, conversation, or mistake, you might want to strive for an inner peace that reduces your need to do so. Maybe to you, inner peace means not wasting your energy this way.
  • Not Dwelling on the Past
    Related to overthinking is the tendency to dwell on the past. This could mean letting your mind churn over the mistakes you or others have made. It could keep you from forgiving yourself or others. It could mean reliving painful memories. If you’re dwelling on the past, then you’re living in it, and that makes inner peace difficult to find.
  • Less Worry Over the Future
    If you feel peaceful inside yourself, the future  won’t look bleak or frightening. While you may not know what to expect tomorrow or next year, you have a feeling that everything will be alright. If you have inner peace, you don’t need to have your future all planned out in order to feel settled. Your peace comes from within — not from knowing the future.
  • Feeling Freedom
    If you feel free and unencumbered by worry, guilt, or anxiousness, you may have a high level of inner peace. People who are at peace don’t feel bogged down by yesterday. They don’t have frequent or severe bouts of “analysis paralysis” that makes decision-making difficult.
  • Quiet Confidence
    Do you feel a sense of quiet confidence that your life will turn out reasonably well, despite some difficulties? Do you feel like, even though life may throw you a curveball here and there, you can generally move forward without fear? If so, you may be feeling inner peace.

Energy Healing and Inner Peace

If you feel trapped in a cycle of overthinking or fear, or you feel like you’re being held hostage by past events or mistakes, Trapped Emotions could be affecting your inner peace. As you use energy healing techniques like The Emotion Code®, you may be able to identify and release emotional baggage that perpetuates that cycle.

For example, trapped emotional energy of anxiety, insecurity, discouragement, or grief could prevent you from moving toward the future with confidence. Your sense of inner peace could be blocked by those feelings. But once you find and release those energies, you may feel a greater sense of freedom — like the chains that drag you down have fallen away.

If you’re having trouble feeling inner peace, The Emotion Code may be a good place to begin. Other practices like mindfulness, meditation, and finding a greater sense of spirituality may also help.