You’ve likely heard the term “inner peace” many times before, but what does it mean? How does it feel to experience inner peace? How can you achieve it? The answers to these questions might vary for every person, but inner peace is possible for everyone! Read on to learn how to identify inner peace and foster that positive feeling in your life. 

What Does Inner Peace Feel Like?

When you’re at peace with yourself and your life, you might experience a deep sense of mental, spiritual, and emotional harmony or serenity. Being at peace doesn’t mean your life will be free of turmoil or distress, but it will likely help you stay grounded and strong throughout difficult experiences. Inner peace can support your ability to feel content with whatever comes your way in life, good or bad. When you experience inner peace you may feel more alive, aware, conscious, and attuned to the present moment. 

Are You at Peace?

Inner peace and how you define it can change depending on how it feels to you! There is no one way to find peace; it’s unique to each person. However, if you’re not sure how at peace you are, ask yourself some questions. They can help show you what aspects of your life are aligned with inner peace, and where you could use some work to attain more peacefulness. 

  • Do you tend to overthink things?

Overthinking can be a real stumbling block for finding inner peace! While it’s great to analyze the situations you encounter in life and make informed decisions, if you find yourself continuing to think about things for much longer than is productive, you might be hampering your ability to find peace. 

When you’re in tune with yourself, and you take actions that are aligned with your values, you may feel more certainty in your decisions. You won’t be quite as likely to second guess your intuition, and you’ll feel at peace with the choices you’ve made. 

  • Do you find yourself dwelling on the past?

If you often find yourself thinking about a mistake you made in the past, a social faux pas you made at a party years ago, or reliving painful memories in your mind over and over again, this may be a sign that you are not at peace with your past. This turmoil can keep you from forgiving yourself, and forgiving others. 

When you allow yourself to release the past and live in the present instead, you may find it much easier to attain inner peace. Sometimes you may need help releasing past distress. When you are free from dwelling on painful memories, you may find that you are able to live your life more fully. Deeply experiencing each moment of your life can bring profound inner peace. 

  • Do you frequently worry about the future?

You may feel as though the future is scary. Or, perhaps it bothers you that you don’t know exactly what to expect next. If you aren’t at peace with yourself and your life, the future can be very daunting. 

When you’re experiencing inner peace, it may be easier to feel excitement and anticipation over your future. You likely know that you have the strength and ability to handle anything that comes your way. Inner peace can help you to feel grounded even when your whole future isn’t planned out. Your peace comes from within, rather than from knowing exactly what the future holds. 

  • Do you feel free?

When you aren’t at peace, you may feel trapped or confined by your life. It may feel as though you don’t have the freedom to make the choices you want. You may feel burdened by negative thoughts and emotions.

If you feel freedom in your life, as though you are not held back by worry, guilt, anxiousness, or negative thoughts, you might already have a high level of inner peace! You may also feel confident, capable, joyful, and grateful for your life. While everything won’t be perfect all the time, and you will likely need to work to maintain a sense of inner peace, that peacefulness can help you create the life you want to live.

How Energy Healing Can Help you Find Inner Peace

Energy healing techniques such as The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ can help release energetic blockages that may be holding you back from finding inner peace. There are many actions you can take to support yourself as you try to find more peacefulness in your life. Energy healing can be a powerful tool as you work to identify and release the things that are keeping you from experiencing peace. You could be blocked from fully experiencing a sense of inner peace by trapped energy. By identifying and releasing those energies, you may begin to access freedom, presence, confidence, gratitude — and even inner peace — with ease!

If inner peace feels a long way off for you, perhaps energy healing can help you break through to a mindset where it’s more attainable! Other practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual practices may also help. If you’d like to work with an Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner, you can find a practitioner near you on our Practitioner Map!