When you have an intensely difficult experience, the emotions you feel should fade with time. But sometimes they’re just too much for you to handle, and your body could hold onto that negative energy in the form of what many call “emotional baggage.” We call these emotional energies Trapped Emotions, and energy healing methods like The Emotion Code® may help you release them. This can enable emotional healing, helping you feel better after enduring a traumatic experience, even if it happened many years ago.

Why Energy Healing for Emotional Hardship Is Important

Negative emotions may have a profound effect on your quality of life. Along with taking an emotional toll, they can also affect your physical health, mental balance, and even prevent you from having meaningful, lasting relationships. 

After a traumatic experience, releasing these negative emotions could help you achieve greater well-being and live a more positive, productive life. It doesn’t matter whether the event occurred last week or 30 years ago — releasing the baggage that came with it may be key to full emotional healing. Energy healing is one method that may enable your natural ability to let it all go.

How Negative Emotions May Become Trapped

When you suffer something traumatic, it can be extremely difficult to confront the resulting feelings. You may feel like doing so would force you to relive what you’ve already endured. In our experience, these unconfronted or “unprocessed” feelings may fester, and could prevent you from sleeping well, cause tension, make you feel angry, sad, bitter, anxious, guilty, or fearful. Over time, having these festering feelings may cause their negative energies to become lodged within your body — where they could cause you to spiral into those feelings over and over again.

Learning to identify these trapped, negative emotions, you can eliminate the toxic pain that’s preventing you from living the life you deserve.

Trapped Emotions & Emotional Healing 

Here are a few methods for recognizing and releasing negative emotional energy, so emotional healing can take place.

Muscle Testing & The Emotion Code

Muscle testing, or the noninvasive practice of tapping into the subconscious mind in order to access information about physical, mental, and emotional well-being, is one of the most beneficial ways of identifying Tapped Emotions. Your subconscious mind is so intimately connected to positive and negative energies, that by testing your muscles’ natural response and resistance to these energies, you can uncover the emotions that may be keeping you from full emotional healing. Using guidance from The Emotion Code®, muscle testing can help you expose any Trapped Emotions and release them forever.


Meditation can provide an incredibly powerful way to acknowledge trapped, negative feelings. It may help you consciously tap into your innermost thoughts and emotions, so you can process them. You may medicate with a guide or by yourself, intimately exploring thoughts and emotions. As you meditate, you may find yourself able to detach from negative thought patterns.

Physical Activity

Exercise isn’t usually considered an energy healing technique, but it definitely uses your body’s energy, and can have a major impact on your emotional healing ability. Whether it be dancing to an upbeat song, walking around the neighborhood, or sweating it out at the gym, the human body is designed to move. Movement may help you release both physical and emotional tension, boosting your mood and fending off negativity. When you make the effort to get your body moving, you could soon find yourself feeling more positive about yourself and your circumstances. Simple exercise might just help you get your mind off your troubles.

Acknowledge the Process 

Releasing Trapped Emotions with energy healing is a process which cannot be successfully completed by cutting corners — so it’s a good thing that the process is so very simple! When working on your own emotional healing, it’s important to take every step — including acknowledging the experiences and distressing feelings you may have been harboring. You don’t have to relive bad times, but it is important to realize how those experiences may be affecting you today.

As destructive and damaging as negative emotions might be, acknowledging their existence, working to understand their meaning, and celebrating how they helped you reach an intimate part of your mind could help you find joy and insight throughout the process of releasing them.

Following these recommendations and using energy healing, you could finally release emotions that might be preventing you from achieving the physical, mental, and emotional healing you deserve and start living a happier, more confident life.

Releasing Trapped Emotions can be a simple process with The Emotion Code. You can start using it for free at www.EmotionCodeGift.com.