One of the many wonderful things about energy healing is how simple it is. You don’t need much to get started! However, there are a few helpful tools that can make energy healing a little easier. Allow us to share some of our favorite energy healing tools.

What Tools Do You Need For Energy Healing?

The most important tool for an energy healer is their own energy! And luckily, you’ll never go anywhere without that. As a Discover Healing practitioner of the Emotion Code®, Body Code™, or Belief Code® you’ll have a few tools at your fingertips that will make it easier to tap into the subconscious and receive the answers you’re seeking. Additionally, other tools can make for a more powerful energy healing experience. 

Energy Healing Tools for Practitioners


When using the Emotion Code®, Body Code™, or Belief Code®, we use magnetic energy to release trapped emotions and balance the body. A variety of different magnets can be used for healing, including the magnetic energy of your own body. However, using one of the magnets below can be a handy way to amplify your healing abilities, and feel more confident in the strength and consistency of the magnetic power. 

  • The Emotion Code – Magnetic Chart of Emotions: This perfectly sized magnet has the Emotion Code Chart of Emotions printed right on it, for a convenient, two-in-one tool! Stash this 3-inch by 5-inch refrigerator magnet in your pocket, purse, or desk so it’s on hand any time you want to practice the Emotion Code, the Body Code, or the Belief Code. Note that this is a refrigerator magnet and will not correct Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome as outlined in The Body Code, but it can help you correct just about any other imbalance you find!
  • Nikken Magnets: For a more powerful magnet, we recommend the products sold by Nikken. A few great options are their Magnetic Ring and the Kenko PowerMini pad. Nikken is an international company that was founded in 1975 in Japan. They have done a tremendous amount of research in the field of magnetic healing, and are Dr. Brad’s top choice of magnet to use for energy healing. Discover Healing, Inc. is listed as a Nikken Wellness Consultant — because we believe in these products and love to share them with our practitioners.

An amethyst crystal pendulum which can be used as a tool for energy healing.

A Pendulum

Many energy healing practitioners use muscle testing techniques that don’t require a tool. These methods include the Ring-in-Ring technique and the Sway Test. However, for some practitioners, using a pendulum can be a helpful technique that boosts their confidence in their answers, and is easier to interpret. See the video below for an explanation from Dr. Bradley Nelson about how to use this energy healing tool. If you’d like to try a pendulum for energy healing, you can often find them for sale at your local crystal shop. Online, Etsy has a wide variety of handmade options as well. Search for something that resonates with you! 

Energy Healing Tools Specifically Designed for the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code

Discover Healing’s Body Code System App:

The Body Code System app contains the Emotion Code Chart, the Body Code Mind Maps, and (for Certified Belief Code Practitioners) the Belief Code Maps. These tools are an essential part of these energy healing practices, and the key to these simple, intuitive methods.

  • Emotion Code Chart: The chart is available for free on the app for anyone to use. We also offer the chart as a magnet as mentioned above, and on our website for digital viewing and downloading.
  • Body Code and Belief Code Mind Maps: These tools for advanced practitioners are available with a subscription to the Body Code System App. First time users can enjoy a free 30-day trial. You can use this intuitive tool on mobile or desktop to identify trapped emotions, resolve imbalances, release faulty belief systems, and restore balance physically and emotionally. It’s a revolutionary system that makes pinpointing trapped emotions and imbalances incredibly simple. 

Learn more about using the Emotion Code Chart in our How-to Guide

Snippets and Text Expander

If you are a Certified Practitioner in the Emotion Code, Body Code, or Belief Code, you may want to use our Snippets, or the Text Expander tool. These tools are useful for professional energy healers who want a quick and easy way to communicate their findings during sessions with clients. 

Snippets can be used in a downloadable Excel document. Practitioners can then search and find definitions for each emotion in the Emotion Code, and for each section and subsection within the Mind Maps of the Body Code and Belief Code. This allows practitioners to copy and paste explanations of each imbalance, faulty belief, or trapped emotion that is discovered during a session, and share that information with their clients.

Text Expander uses these same Snippets, but functions in an even more seamless way. This digital plug-in automatically fills an explanation in for each trapped emotion or imbalance found, when a keyword is typed in. 

Additional Energy Healing Tools

Your intuition, your higher power, and your own energy are all you really need to start helping people with energy healing! However, other tools can add an extra dimension to your energy healing sessions. See what resonates with you, and if you’re called to explore any of these additional tools, let us know if they add something special to your energy healing sessions! 


Crystals have properties that can help amplify your already powerful energy healing abilities! Different types of crystals are said to have varied benefits. You might keep a few special crystals on hand during your energy healing sessions, in order to provide their calming, healing, or confidence boosting benefits! Here are a few crystals you might consider keeping nearby:

  • Amethyst: This beautiful purple stone is said to promote peaceful energy and spiritual connection.
  • Lapis Lazuli: A deep blue stone, flecked with gold, is connected to the throat chakra and can help promote clear communication.
  • Clear Crystal Quartz: This stone is said to be an energy amplifier. Therefore, it might make your energy healing sessions feel even more powerful.
  • Selenite: This white striated stone has been known to clear negative energy. This can be helpful while energy healing, as you may encounter negative emotions.

These are just a few of the many natural stones that you can use to enrich your energy healing experiences. 

woman playing crystal singing bowls for sound healing


The vibrations of music can enhance your energy healing experience. Some types of music you could try playing during your next energy healing session: 

  • Crystal singing bowls
  • Classical music
  • Kirtan
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • African drumming
  • Nature sounds
  • Hang drum 

Essential Oils

The pleasant scents of essential oils can be a great addition to your energy healing experience. Add a few essential oils to your toolkit, and enjoy their benefits! Some scents are more calming, while others can be energizing. If you decide to use essential oils, it is important to make sure your clients don’t have any sensitivities or allergies before using these powerful oils. We also recommend educating yourself about their proper usage, making sure to keep yourself and your clients safe! Here are a few popular essential oils you might consider using during your energy healing sessions:

  • Lavender: Great for creating a calming ambiance; it’s also said to help with sleep.
  • Peppermint: This essential oil can be energizing; it promotes focus, and can help with headaches.
  • Sweet Orange: Reduces feelings of anxiousness, and promotes a calm environment.
  • Ylang-ylang: Decreases stress and calms the mind.

Energy Healing Tools to Connect at a Distance

One of the wonderful aspects of energy healing is that it can often be performed at a distance. When you’re completing sessions at a distance, here are some tools that can help facilitate successful experiences.

A Video Chat System

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, and more are all great options. Depending on your device and operating system, choose the most compatible application that you enjoy using! These simple video systems allow you to chat with energy healing clients just like you would in person.

Woman using video chat as a tool for energy healing at a distance

Good Natural Lighting – or a Ring Light

If you’re performing professional energy healing services online, having good lighting during your video sessions can be a nice way to enhance your client’s experience. Simply set up your video device so that you are facing a window for natural lighting. Or, if you don’t have a good source of natural light, try a ring light! 

If you’re not already an energy healing practitioner, but you’re feeling inspired to become one, we can help! Enroll in our Emotion Code Certification course and get started today.